Seasonal War Tournaments

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  1. In the Spring tourney you had to be Top 20k. I imagine other tourneys will follow a similar requirement to avoid being flooded by statless alts.
  2. Can i get the reward without warring ?
  3. You can trade for the furnishings if you find a seller. You cannot get the banner without warring though.
  4. Are you allowed back into a clan after leaving it to war the next rounds?
  5. Try reading the rules

  6. Yes you are rules mean nothing player left and was placed back in clan so answer is YES you can leave after win and return for next war lol
  7. The rules also don’t say that Devs cannot move players from one clan to another just before the war ends to help whoever they want to help, so I guess that is Devs prerogative as well.
  8. In future tournaments if u get a sword you should be disqualified from receiving any winners items as u didn’t contribute and let your team down
  9. When is all star war?
  10. Historically, usually mid-ish-september.