Seasonal War Tournaments

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  1. Why always set war times the same. It’s 23.00hrs GMT all three rounds. At least ASW’s vary start times to allow all continents to only have one bad night!
  4. @Winston

    pls make sure as clans are locked between wars (if you leave you are out!!) that you learn lessons from the past... unlock all ebs and eb bonuses equally across all clans, create at least 10 admins as it's unfair to put starting eb on just a few.


  5. I’m just wondering
    Can you win the first one or two tournaments and not be chosen to participate in the remaining ones ? :/
    So you get no chance to upgrade your banner better than what you have after 2 tournaments
  6. Going forward it be great if additional spells for wc/trks were available for these tournaments and those would be distributed amongst the war clans , increase rewards in both wins and losses for those who cast as wc/trker for their effort .
  7. I support what Momo says
  8. During ASW a side shoot war for other ppl be nice to encourage more ppl warring and growing.

    BLITZ wars:
    8 teams of 100
    3 rounds
    3 hours duration
    5 xtals

    Friday Midnight PST
    Saturday 1pm PST
    Safurday 2am PST

    A few things about ALL of the above:
    Other TZ friendlier
    The top 50 performers promoted entry into the next ASW
    Have this war as a lead up to ASW.
    Additional rules:
    Xtal used in each hour is mandatory
    - remaining 2 xtals at WC’s discretion
    WC can block CC for 2mins 2x during war for orders etc
    World.Chat disabled during prep & war.
    Inactives booted for 2 year ban in ALL tourneys

    Just a top of my head suggestion to consider. Thx
  9. Worst decision since you killed off clan wars/loyalty
  10. I miss the days of actual EE clans. Something you guys managed to kill off. Different culture and way to play the game that a lot of loved. Now we have EB and OSW clans, EE perm clans are dead. I've done wars for a long time and some of my best memories we're being in Minas Morgul. Warring with Dragons Sanctuary, PvP beats and Duckies. You guys literally managed to kill an entire era of wars lol
  11. Spring tournament was KA, when is indi/charms war? By the way, we won the Spring Championship! Yehey!
  12. Will winter wars be receiving equivalent rewards as like say this spring one from now on?
  13. although didnt win and struggled with the timings i had fun with war, but please in future try and move timings around wherever possible :)
  14. Yes the next winter war will have rewards similar to this spring's war.
  15. Current thought process is the All-Star War would be a charm inclusive war, while the others may remain KA. This could still change though.
  16. @Winston Just checking should semi-finalist only get a lvl zero banner 2/2/2/2% or 4/4/4/4%??
  17. Every person got the level 0 banner, but people who won got 3 tokens so they could upgrade to level 1. Finalists got 2 tokens, semi-finalists got 1 token, and participants got 0 tokens. You'll be able to get more tokens from more tournaments to hopefully upgrade the banner :)
  18. @winston I know PS is part of war mechanics. Please into the incoming seasonal war don’t allow PS. Every war some particular player set up few PS accounts ally not hidden with allies that affordable to dropped. Let’s not be naive a player can use VPN and changed location and you wouldn’t know same person casting few PS as security of the main win. When this PS goes with main they dropped ally. When opponent they go inactive because they don’t care get sword. Only reason that is casting is to leak. Please consider removed PS in wars. Thanks
  19. ^Ps is mot the problem, and many peoole like me rely on the ps build to be able to war at all, the problem ks allies should jot be hireable in wars at all period, especially not on these tournaments.. thats why my team lost.. a ps didnt hide allies
  20. Yes, but ps can still open by selling silver bars. I think ps should be a bannable war build tbh. You can also leak very few hits as a hansel if you’re fast enough.