Seasonal War Tournaments

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  1. Each tournament will specify the war type. My current thought process is KA wars for the 4 seasons, will a regular charm-inclusive war for the All-Star war. I haven't decided on any rank cutoffs for wars yet.
  2. Crestplates as a prize is nice. Will it be similar to ebs and drop randomly or be part of prize for final position? Roughly what will payout be for this compared to ebs? More/less
  3. Looks like we’ll have to win again.
  4. When is the first war?
  5. Time to come back! Ty
  6. Time to bring your alts and try to gather these precious items. kingdom of Alts here I come!!!!
  7. There goes the neighbourhood
  8. How the hell can a dog wear armor?
  9. This is awesome I can’t wait for it to start
  10. I hope devs are tracking those frequent inactives and ban them in these tournaments...... :roll:
  11. Devs will be and also alerted to those that are submitted to check on I’m pretty sure
  12. I look forward to the wars. Great looking furnishing
  13. Not if you spend LoL. Remember last asw with tangra lbs who were inactive for 5.5 hrs only to hit last 30? They only gave sword to lbs/alts who didn’t try after war was already completed meaning no real punishment. Funny
  14. Can we please ban sam so he cant sell info on other teams please
  15. Yey. Great news. Now just to convince the wife....
  16. There should be war moderators to track war inactives. We need a moderator who understand wars and serious about the better of the war side of the game.
    I volunteer MakeWish and Valkyl_ as war moderators. I think those two can be trusted to be fair to everyone.

  17. Good idea. You have 12 mods to chk on world chat, none to chk on war moles and inactives.