Season 6: In Loving Memory

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  1. For those of you who don't already know, I am Rissa. I changed my name as a tribute to a friend. I along with everyone else in this clan dedicated this season to him.

    And now some words from our war commander, Bermuda:

    An enemy to some, but a friend and brother to more. As soon as we heard about this estoc season and its timing we knew what needed to be done. Someone needed to be top 10 for you. It was your place. Your kingdom. Everyone recognized your name atop the standings in the past. And we started this season with a dream of being there for you.

    Little did we know that dream would become more than a reality. 9 of the top 10 are from us. For you.

    With season 6 coming to its final last hours I would like to thank everyone who participated. Not only in my clan but everyone who rooted for us along the way. And also all who participated.

    Oderint dum metuant finished the season with 104 wins, 23 loses, 6 missed wars and 7 no matches. There are too many names to name personally. So thank you Rissa and Renegade for helping when we needed filler. Thank you Master Slikk and shadow for all your stupid crazy jokes making it fun. Thank you Swift for getting some more warriors and keeping the mood light. Sky thank you for jumping in with former enemies and not giving a good god damn about the past. But thank you to the war commanders who filled in for me when I couldn't; Mint, Master, and Knight.
    I know I left out many names. But this was a team effort, we all did our part. We are and hopefully will still be a family, not caring where you came from. You ended here and you are ODM.


    This was and always will be for you.

    You should be here with us. ️

    P.S. Any trolling on this thread will not be tolerated.
  2. *troll*
  3. On a serious note who is the tribute for? Respect to them. Good season ODM!
  4. Wanted to ask the same thing but didn't wanna get considered troll
  5. Congrats ODM on your war record. Thanks for letting me finish up my goal with you guys.

  6. Yepp much respect to ODM great times when we matched each other.
  7. --- Oderint Dum Metuant ---
    ---- SEASON 6, RECORD----

    CLAN Record
    01) Battlegrounds II 8-7
    02) PvP Beasts 3-3
    03) CR Phoenix 8-2
    04) Shy/ 50 shades of shy 3-3
    05) Ducking Buffoons 8-2
    06) DotB/Dl/SHEC 5-1
    07) SILVER 2-0
    08) Existence/Existence. 7-2
    09) Hy Yu Hai Ding 2-2
    10) FixWar 6-0
    11) Division 1 8-0
    12) Smurfs Reloaded/At war 9-0
    13) Role Models 4-0
    14) The Hobo Hut 3-0
    15) Booms party 3-0
    16) F4t4lwar 3-0
    17) Shogun Samurai 2-0
    18) Yahoo 2-0
    19) Clan A HQ 1-0
    20) Kotfe 1-0
    21) X Factor 1-0
    22) The Living myth 1-0
    23) P3 2-0
    24) Understanding MA 1-0
    25) Alea Lacta est 1-0
    26) Mudra warrior realms 1-0
    27) DB 1-0
    28) Tanga 1-0
    29) Get at us 1-0
    30) War legion 1-0
    31)OA 1-0
    32) lndo food 1-0
    33) Anarchist 1-0
    34) TW 1-0
    35) War Pigs 1-0

    No matches 6
    Wars skipped 7

    Total (W-L-Skip-NM): 104-23-7-6
  8. Congrats Odm!
  9. Well done ODM 
  10. Congratulations ODM! Was always fun matching you guys, good to see y'all on the LB.
  11. where's the 23rd loss?
  12. In loving memory of #TeamSuzy
  13. Congratulations Flocc.You took over kaw by storm !!
  14. #teamonestoppable #onesynoleaksilverhybwar
  15. Stop getting tank mirrors then *inserts moonface*
  16. Full Hyb roster ....hawkward