Season 6 ideas and how to improve from season 5

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  1. We should have a marketplace extension where players spend 1 trillion to get an one year permit and they can buy xtals on auction by other players.

    There will be a certain time limit imposed on the use of those xtals so they cannot be hoarded. The price will also go up.
  2. All these possible solutions to xtals are bs. Cant afford/dont want to buy xtals? Don't war.

    It doesn't make the game pay to play, everything else will still be free to play, even events drop xtals atm.

    It is getting annoying to be winning all war long just to find out more than 50% of your roster doesn't xtal and you still lose the war.
  3. Support the concept of the idea.
  4. Not indi wars would be one huge improvement lol. Indi is too easy :lol:
  5. What about clan wars where the wars themselves are random. By that I mean, you gather a roster and sign up, but you don't know the type of war (advantage, classic, random, primal, etc.) until AFTER matchup.

    It might force clans to roster a well-rounded roster with various builds, rather than angling for one specific type of roster for a specific type of war.

    Just a random thought.
  6. I do not understand one single thing op said
  7. The idea of market would not really work cystals are cheap to get but players dont often like to spend gold to get xtals for wars the other idea is have war xtals and eb xtals eg you do well in war you can be given a war xtal where xtals used on ebs you have to buy could be set up like war xtals>(25|34)<eb xtals

  8. People would gladly pay game gold so they could XTAL in wars. They don't like paying real money to do it though.
  9. Most people xtal because they want to in wars not because they have no xtals i have seen people say they got no xtals and dont buy them with money and seen in the next war they xtal up because they have a closer victory and they believe they can win xtals are cheap to get not hard to get them eg $20 and you have enough xtals for all the season but yea they it piles up over time reason i think war xtals can be brought in market and eb still can be broughtwith real money because you think 30bil not hard for big builds but for smaller ones 30bil is to much they could do it for level and price like they done with mith
  10. 1. Some people really can't afford that. Sometimes people have zero spare money, sometimes they don't even had enough to cover bills, and yes you could say well they can't war then, but I was user the impression people in general wanted MORE people to war, not less.

    2. When I said 30b it was an example, I merely mean that if it was implemented then it would have to be a price that isn't available to get in a few unloads so it can't be abused for ebs
  11. Xtals aren't that big of deal if some are added as f2p content.
  12. I don't care if you're rich like bill gates, or poor as dirt. No xstal, no war. Plain and simple, lots of free riders this season trying to get medals in hope of getting rewards but in reality they should be working on their builds, doing eb events for FREE crystals and gear.

    War seasons should be reserved for those who spend and put time into what they built. This season tbh was an overall joke. Not only am I top 10 but it took me two weeks so save enough gold to make my tiny tank.

    Still though even in my alts small bracket there are unskilled, non xstalling, leaky ass build players. And that needs to stop, they'll ko inactives we leave for sko because they're "desperate" for medals. And they hope to win these wars with less than 30 actions, being bottom of the war roster and not xstalling. Wars don't work that.
  13. If you let people do this there would be more xtals in ebs then in wars there are people that would use this to finish there ebs so they get bigger end eg AFF you can make 100bil at the end get 40bil from plunder but yea it there choice really but you would see people abusing that just to finish a eb and get it unlocked eg i could get my clan to save up 180bil and unlock lotl it would make ebs more simple reason i said war and eb xtals they can buy war xtals with gold but eb xtals with real money
  14. Valkyrie, ata doesn't care.

    Plain and simple ata doesn't care. It's a free to play game, meaning that if they make an aspect of it NOT free to play, then that legally stops it being free to play.

    Yeah they could do promos and events for xtals, and then when it gets to war and they appear to be winning? They will save that last XTAL for another war, kind of defeats the point.

    Congrats, you worked hard and got a good place, well done.
  15. They have a limit on xtals per eb. They only have a certain amount of wars, I'm quite sure they could work out a way to limit it.
  16. They have limit and its 6 per eb now think if a clan full could do 6 on a unlock eg a single upload you get 60 odd hits in and you may not have xtals you could just use them on ebs to unlock and get it unlocked for the achievement that would make ebs easier but yea it would just be cheat way of doing it that way because gold on kaw is less important the real money reason for war xtals you can get with gold because it would single them out so you can have them just for wars
  17. Why not make the game ยข99 and give everybody a crystal every month or two?
  18. They do that with the events lol
  19. I mean limit gold purchased xtals to 0 per eb, or 1 per eb. They have already said they can't/won't implement war xtals. This is a work around.
  20. Ever way i dont see them adding xtals to market place but yea it would be good to do that stuff but im more aimming to get best of best to war against each other and lower ranks to war with each other
    As i upgraded on my first post it would help bring better war expreinces because as you seen nottom is bored of indi because they to simple and i think he would like a challange and i think many big time war people would like that as well