Season 6 ideas and how to improve from season 5

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  1. My thoughts of Season 5 was really bad season wars should be of the best of the best not just for everyone where it should be for the people that prove themselves over the year so i think next year this time do season 6 and ways to improve will be in list under this post

    Medals handed out
    Plunder/kos/successful actions/proformance
    Top 2 of each area get 2 medals
    Ok players get 1medal
    Leak/inactives/moles get 0
    And there broken sword

    a rank system would work well

    Ill give a eg

    (Top 50)Dauntless nomads vs virtuous paladins
    (Top 51-100)Lethal raiders vs ruinous wanderers
    (Top 101-150)Dark spies 2 vs heedless oathkeepers
    (Top 151-200)Fearless assassins vs red cutthroats
    (Top 201-250)Gallant nomads vs cunning rovers
    Top 251-300Immortal knights 2 vs fiendish marauders
    and so on

    Lets say you have high ranking you can be put in higher up clan where lower ranking you get put down in ranking they can do rankings like they have done for season war eg top 50 ranks get put in match up and so on so where your rank is can be where your placed so the pro war people can match pro war people and the newer ones can match newer ones or lower ranks and so on
    Eg rank set up
    >Only for Players that sign up<
    And others can be normal indi wars so people can get there EE and mith

    A issue i have found is USA gets all the wars and the other times miss a war to make it far for all players is to set war for all players not just USA so eg

    >>1am 5am 9am 1pm 5pm 9pm<<
    This will make it far for all players
    So it can be a far deal for all because i noticed for australian players they have big gap between wars so 6 wars per day and randomizing they indi wars might be fun but will bug alot of people and they will turn down the idea they want people to war but they doing it a bad way they should make people war all over the year and get medals so they can put players into the right wars
  2. Longer span
    More wars per day
    Harsher punishments for inactives/moles/cc spammers
    Xtal requirement for wars
    Better rewards

    Edit: if no xtal requirements, then no xtals at all
  3. The S6 indi wars should not require you to have then xstals if it will require you then this game will be a pay to play
  4. Let clans sign up with people they want and then be matched up with a roster of indi warriors (have same size, types, and numbers of each build). Even stack the war in the favor of the indi clan, anything so that people can war with there clan mates... And then the clanless can war by themselves all within the same season
  5. Ik war crystals never worked but I think a fix to the no xtal issue in Indi wars is this: use a real xtal to by an xtal that u can only use in war, you must have one of these xtals in order to cast for war;however, if you don't use the xtal in war it doesn't expire, the expiration date on the xtal would be when u use or it after 3 wars it would expire, this is the only fix I see. No xtals in Indi war would ruin the whole system as xtals r the only thing that stop Indi from being straight up plunder wars and being decided after first 2mins.
  6. Idec anymore this season was a bust just want it over with. Don't get started on s6 because noobs like you just let s5 happen. Total bull.
  7. My s6 idea is s1 really simple

  8. Also really stupid. You wanna go back to the days of 1LB and 14 gh?
  9. Pretty sure s1 wasnt like that but anyway I warred in a clan that didnt use gh got rancor 50 so sure.
  10. and you think it wont be 1lb 14gh now? any clan format ee is doomed to fail with current mechanics.
  11. It's not that hard to buy some xtals if you like this game so much that you're actually in wars and stuff.

    So yeah, ++1 to op.
  12. S6 should have a daily event as well so we can have at least 4 going or more at same time
  13. No indy war is decided in the first two min. Its the last 20 that matters
  14. If there was a ratio of 2:1 for Indy:clan wars in first week, 1:1 for weeks 2-3 and 1:2 week 4 and possibly 1:3 in a week 5, then players that do well in indys can prove themselves to WL in war clans.
    Put bigger rewards for clan wars to encourage them and individuals to war smart to earn a spot.
  15. That's was s2 mate, haxor builds flooded s1 clans. Those special towers mechs were annoying. S2 people figured out how to stack and that was the beginning of the end for rancor wars
  16. So it'll end up with the same result as this indi format season?

    If we are hoping Devs will balance pvp before another season, I'm thinking we are screwed.

    Without changes to the system, it would probably be best to do it like s4 where everyone can play the format they prefer.
  17. Simple way to fix this is tighten the cs range. Make so you can only hit up 5-10 mcs. Right now you can be only 10mcs and hit a 50mcs build.

    Devs fix hit range huge lb can't hit down, ssh and gh can't hit way up.
  18. Asking devs to fix stuff is like telling someone you stubbed your and them saying buy my miracle cream for 59 nobs
  19. You could always just set a price of 30b for an XTAL, it's such an amount as it can't really be used for profit