Season 6: Emissaries of the Otherworlds

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. Yaa. We find a new mole every war.
  2. Good night
  3. There will be no individual wars at all during S6?(Not as a part of S6)
    For a month we will have to find LowLand War clans to renew our EE?

  4. I'll signup with my main in clan, and ask my team mates to leave alts for indi like matchup, so that if we match with indi clan they can throw war away. Nicee. Lol. NO support
  6. We need better set of equip then eb event gear. And obviously not single trash equip which will jst replace previous season equip after spending lot time and money.

    You have still time to fix this garbage. Or plz postponed it to another week.

    Otherwise this might be last season. And beginning the end of kaw.
  7. LL wars are so stressful. U lose your life if chasing this event
  8. Should make spell open hte between wars. This would promote clan unity and participation and incentive for clans to win
  9. Looks like time to stop playing that game.
    My build are funny but I like it in indi
    Now all my adt/std are garbage in regular eb. Let me change my build for free if no indi.I don't need tower's in eb!!!!!

  10. Nah mate, check ally plunder is SS below. Definitely gives a PvE plunder boost.

    With Talon

    Without Talon
  11. ^ no change on eb for me
  12. How many medallion i should collect to get max equipment ?
  13. Wow. Seriously. I wouldn't have thought it possible that Devs could miss the mark SO badly on war seasons after having missed so badly in the past.

    It's as if you are actually 'un' learning from past war season experiences.

    What a complete and utter letdown--and that's putting it lightly.
  14. I've come to realise that they don't really care. All this is just business to them.
    What the community wants is the least of their priorities.
  15. The only problem I see is that they are doing helmets again, but they are some overpowered ones at that!
  16. I agree, this season may be my first so I technically have no comparison, but it sounds much better than all Indis for sure! Plus ima make my alts LLBC with the 50% off ;D
  17. Good luck to those warring but congrats devs you just lost another one that wont participate 
  18. I'm mainly just excited about the Banners and SB :lol:
  19. So many complaints over 4 weeks of clan wars after all the longer war seasons of stacking in Round and Primal Wars. How fast ppl forget it was always about war clans 1st and not IWar.

    Now that a reasonable and fair format is on for S6 after IWar only in S5 ppl r sounding selfish rather than supportive. Short memories they have but bye bye to the abuse of S5.

    Finally the fairest season ever is here soon.
  20. 85? 4 levels. (15+15+25+30)