Season 6: Emissaries of the Otherworlds

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  1. TLDR??? How do you play / join this event in brief please ?
  2. Either way this game sucks . It's basically geared towards cold weather inland Canadians and central US demographics where there isn't much else to do.
  3. In few day my ee will expired but i'm not and never participate this lame S6 war.i rather loose it than bow and kneel the IGNORANCE Developer
  4. Adapt or sit out. They could not care less.
  5. Five season vet and sitting out ️

    Will only war eventually to renew ee....maybe

    It's been nice though. Saved a ton of money already and probably won't be spending much if any on this game anymore. Only reason I did spend was to get my build set up for season but with LL wars I have no need.
  6. I bet all the sh that changed build are pissed they could have waited it out and kept their builds for this season
  7. Come up with a better solution for clan wars? I know many BC and LB that enjoy LL. Not using my build and BFA/BFE to it's fullest does suck some, but the benefit of having a virtual even playing field (% bonuses from bfe/BFA are nominal, and best seen on towered builds in LL) allowing you to war with ANY of your friends is pretty neat imo, and I prefer consistent teamwork from my usual friends than cast WoC and hope the algorithm of fail puts me on the better roster in Indi.
  8. Where is epic battle event?? Its not fair to players who dont like wars. Many players are upset because of this...
  9. have you ever heard of a season?
  10. I can't say much about indi. I liked it gave even chances in war. But this S6 is all good except for one thing. BFA/bfe. Not all clans have the huge numbers and members that allows them to run higher ebs. Ur matching weak clans against powerhouse clans. It simply isn't working except for the powerhouse side. Lower clans will never be able to match upper in this competition and come out ahead. Deves u could have done something a Lil different. But saying that I'm not giving it up it is fun.
  11. epic battle event

    Why there is no epic battle event going on? Its not fair to those players who dont like to war. Please start battle event too..////
  12. Bring back round wars
  13. So many people complaining. During s5... Complaining about indi, check out s5's forums. So many hypocrites playing this game. Make up your minds and stick to one thing. Don't confuse things for yourselves then blame devs.

    If you don't like game, don't play. No need to announce you'll stop playing or spending because no one cares. Seriously. No one does. I like the LL war system. Getting into a clan is tough but not impossible. Stop wanting everything handed to you in a silver plater and actually put in some effort!

  14. Only 7 war's going on atm. In the middle of s6 will be just 12 clans participating.
  15. Not sure if it is mentioned before but the Furia spell should be automatically renewed if you have the spell and got No Match.

    It is unfair to lose the spell because there is no match!
  16. Likewise 
  17. Um what about the shard event eq
  18. Blah, blah, yes, it's a shame there's no indi or eb event, but there you have it. I'm not participating in s6, but it's my choice.
    I like my build and won't change.
    Really, which military has only spies or just soldiers? It's not real... Get it! It's a game.
  19. S6 is garbage.......I've already conceded this season will be a wash for me. Events should be assessable to all. You shouldn't have to beg elitists to join their Clan for S6...

    Anyone who didn't get to participate should get "1" free reset on tha house just to keep it 100