Season 6: Emissaries of the Otherworlds

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  1. You guys suck, you see the Indy support and do nothing. Few people are participating, one star in App Store review today. Shame you guys don't listen to the players anymore
  2. We're monitoring the wars and we can confirm that this is not the case.
  3. How about an automatic ee renewal through 1 week past season 6 for us noobs who aren't warring with a ll war clan and/or simply because S6 is a ridiculously conceived, horrible idea.

    TLDR version: extend EE for non s6 participants til Indy wars are available again.
  4. There are a lot less players warring this season because of how it is set up. Indy is better than ll.

    Though. With new lands and the same crap events, and degrading off system war because of this insane 500+mcs game, I'm guessing not many people are playing this year either.
  5. Reply devs..
  6. I am actually seeing more players during s6 than in events doing llwars so I don't understand less players.

    I understand frustration for Indi Warriors I war Indi myself, but in all how you think the players felt last season with all indi's?

    I have seen so much effort put in over ticked off players over this being llwars only that the time it's taken for all the negative comments ( opinions are fine ) a ton of time is wasted to where decent clans could have and still can be made by those still upset over the issue.

    I honestly if not done llwars before but found out that's all this was to be would have started planning the second I found out this information would have honestly been more productive. Also now knowing llwars exist perhaps it's time to get a clan together for these llwars so this type of unhappy commotion won't be next time something perhaps comes this way.

    Just my 1 peso worth

  7. I joined a random clan to renew my EE 3.They casted 16 peeps instead of 15;and our signup was withdrawn by devs.I lost my ee3 cause of that.wouldn't have happened with indi.Even if we had lost in indi say due to mole or inactive at least I would have ended up with ee2.
  8. Kingdoms at war.... Hmm... Where does it say clans at war... Season 6 is stupid. Debs really stuffed it this time
  9. Lol it's funny how everyone complains but still participate in war anyway. Thats why devs don't take feedback seriously. Not casting would be the best way to make your point.

  10. Oh well, although I was totally against an only LL season, I've warmed up to the idea and been pushing towards reaching my goal.

    Adapt or sit out. Simple. I remember having a horrible season 5, I'd get put with the pure spies/hansels always and end up losing a lot of matches. I eventually gave up due to the moles and leaks. Those were things I couldn't control.

    Considering that, LL wars are a welcome change. Warring with 14 people that are as serious as you about it is great.

    That being said, it wouldn't hurt to let people choose the war type they wanted to do. A mix of iWars/LL.

    But, at the end of the day we must remember that this is the direction they want the game/S6 to go in. Nothing we say or do is going to change that.
  11. all LL wars is a horrible idea, I will not be warring until S6 is over. worst season ever. S1 100v100 FTW

    On the bright side, many players (myself included) will save some money this month as we will not be buying xtals.

    Oh wait ..... don't they pay the dev's wages? looks like they will be going hungry this month.
  12. Humans have 98% of DNA in common with apes (chimpanzees specifically). Yet we differentiate. If that same (thinking) ape handed you a sandwich that was 98% chimpanzee feces (season 6) and 2% ham and called it a ham sandwich, bit yet it was the only thing there was to eat, would you starve?....just saying even though this season is total garbage many are still attempting it out of some sense of loyalty to the game, kind of sad they are in a way forcing loyal and paying players to eat sandwiches filled with monkey doo doo.
  13. Can we extend the "Anima Furia" spell concept to Events to encourage Clan's loyalty during Kaw's Events. Thks
  14. Tbh this event sucks ass.. The match ups are ridiculous.. Give us back individual wars. And a real damn event
  15. It's actually a month break of spending for me pretty much, stay in one clan, and no 47xtal hte trains, and xtal refunds are pretty common with wins.

    How is LL season so terrible? The top clans are in top because they have warred together for a good amount of time and didn't quit during the bad times, and adjust their builds and strategies almost daily at least. Also, I know a vast majority of us on the top look forward to great matches, and not ones where we know it's going to be a blowout (unless if it's a 3am war lol).

    That being said, it's great to see the newer war clans getting better and sticking with it, and the more clans the sign up, the better chance the lesser experienced ones will match each other, and if you match an experienced one, well learn from it and adjust accordingly. I've reached out to a few newer clans this season and went over build rostering and types, basic strategies, and a majority of LL war mechanics I possible could think of, because I actually want to see more clans war and succeed.

    I know what it's like to win, and lose. Giving up, complaining, and telling people to boycott is just silly, because win or lose every war is fun for me. If you want to be competitive, then put forth effort -- and to warriors, stop giving up on your clan's leader(s) trying to find a better one, good war clans aren't formed by magic, they take some time and patience (lots of patience).

    I really hope ata has some wars where even the losers are rewarded with a half token or something, because it is frustrating to those newer clans and warriors to keep pushing and pushing and trying and they are only getting a handful of mith for a loss. Mith really isn't a reward anymore after all these event EQ overpowering anything Mith can buy either, so yeah.

    Please keep warring and learning and get better! This is the season we have, please make the most of it. If any newer WC's have any questions about rostering and builds and basic war strategies please feel free to PM me, I'll help best I can.
  16. I have warred every season except this one...
    Curious on how many seasoned Vets are sitting this year out?
  17. LL wars aren't the greatest but it's still fun, the war season is always a good break from the events and spamming HTE all day. I enjoy getting to talk to my friends all day, winning and losing wars and just overall having a great time. Missed this aspect a lot since s2 and s3, s4 being primal/iwar and s5 being all iwar. Great change of pace and lots of fun
  18. I hated the ideas and was openly against it! out of loyalty to the game as a near 7 year player I gave it a try! Proved my point it was terrible choice to make season 6 all LL! Thank you devs for not listening to the community and stubbornly forcing LL wars in on us, I'm my opinion and I'm sure not only mine it was a epic fail! I myself will not be doing and spending until S6 is over! Please don't ruin season7 when it comes about!
  19. I understand what you're trying to say.. there's a issue with pvp that I've watched for 4 years now..surely I don't know close to what u pvpers know cause I was tought to pve before anything.. I like my ebs even though the devs have done way to many events lately.. I'm a eb fairy for life...just my opinion kaw would be dead by now if they didn't recognize what they had in eb's.. I'm probably wrong about all this disrespect to yall pvpers I was never tought how to pvp so all I know is pve and building friendships over they years... sorry if I offended anyone..bring home the top prize! ( only skimmed this so take it lightly on me) going to sleep now.. remember it's a tap tap game don't take to serious.. ill try to add more when I'm awake and thinking straight... enjoy ur day kawers