Season 6: Emissaries of the Otherworlds

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  1. I think it's some nonsense that people who can't play don't get anything for example the people watching over clans
  2. I was looking forward to participating in S6 War activities. But just casually observing this is more suited for high level players only....
    What really should have been done was;
    1.) RANDOM INDIVIDUAL LL MATCH-UPS, that way everybody get to play

    Maybe I'll get lucky and actually get into a clan that's warring......


  3. Ata;

    Please implement a system where even losers get a mediallion, and winners 2, or 3 with the spell. History has shown interest wanes significantly after the first couple of weeks, and even more so when fewer and fewer clans start to war as newer clans start getting frustrated with a pile of losses and nothing but wasted time to show for it. These first few wars have had great turnouts, I'd love to see it continue but it won't unless even the war losers are given a hope of some sort of reward for the effort, and maybe even bring back the EE level 0 y'all had for a bit as well.
  4. What all admins can accept a war?
  5. For the dozen people that wanted LL wars, you make the hundreds that enjoyed indi wars suffer.... Thanks, glad I won't be buying any xtals this season, you just saved a lot of your customers money, but cost yourselves in the process
  6. Is it too hard to add at least 1 or 2 indy per day? Like what, we got 5 ll wars per day. Lots of people can't actually participate because they don't have permanent war clans and no war clans are recruiting or accepting guests atm til end of season. Adding 1 or 2 indy won't hurt anyone. Plus 300 players made a petition for it. Why u monkeys never understand?
  7. It would be all well and good if we could take part in these wars should have done indi wars then everyone can take part
  8. I think it would b perfect to cap off s6 with a post season

    - all star war
    - all noob war (ppl who dun meet req for asw)
  9. Is S6 random primal or classic wars?? Or none of them?? I cant find where it says it.
  10. Thanks devs for not including indi wars in this season, saved me money on xstals for the season and probably forever as the complete disregard you have for player requests has finally made me realise that you will never put the players first.

    Was bored of the game anyway, and this is the final nail in the coffin for me. The choice I have is either find a noob war clan ( because they are the only ones not already filled with lb players) and suffer loss after loss, or just don't war at all.

    You apes truly are thick, thanks for killing what was once an excellent game.
  11. Make it random LL this is bogus....I want to particiapte...not beg for war clans on WC or get booted b/c too many people joined I'm just saying
  12. Well I think its bs that we keep getting matched with high BFA clans when I know of clans that would be better matches.
  13. Lol people these days complain so much. Guess they never experienced the chaos of s1 . At least we get 25 mith for a loss. Back then you'd get nothing and lose a rancor point as well.
  14. Top rewards are actually less compared to last year. Top 100 last year received 1k mith
  15. This Season is still not doing Right...

    Devs need to Add some Weekend INDI and Pay More Drops x Win and give
    some to loosing teams...

    BFA/BFE and Your Size Does Count in LLW...

    Also the % of the clan if i am not mystaken... :cool:
  16. So far 14-16 clans participate in ll war's. That's 210-240 player's and on Life petition is more then 300 ppl support indi war's.Nice going ata.
    I demand free build change.
    My STD/ATD ARE GARBAGE NOW if there's no indi!!!
  17. 26 more days of this is already starting to feel like a 20 year prison sentence.
  18. ATA, you managed to ruin the proverbial wet dream that was this game.. You ruined a perfect thing once again.. And the saddest part, you implemented indi wars to do away with sh stacking on rosters... If it's just a LL war, it's basically just a tank, ps, sh war... No different from seasons past, except everyone in the community begged you 3 years ago to stop.. You did, but then went right back to it, under the guise of lowland wars lmfao... ReAl question, how many developer accounts are sh, ssh with a load of bfa? Is wager many are, else you wouldn't have made wars like this.. Sad, this was such a good game, good community, I didn't mind spending $50-100 a week on xtals to play, now... Forget about it. Why bother putting a dime into a game that is updated.. But the updates ruin the game instead of making it better.. You remind me of the slant 6 company... Took the Socom franchise from ps2-PS3... And completely ruined it by not listening to the community.. Great job, you should run for political office in America. You listen as astutely as our representatives do... Which is not at all
  19. What a load of  S6 is... 7 wars done...14 hours of my life wasted...changed build 6 times...warred in 3 diff clans...and I got sweet F-A to show for it. Thanks devs for worst season ever and I've done each one!! Don't think I'll be spending a penny on this app anymore. (Insert middle finger emoji here)

  20. Half of those clans are the other guys alts snd they just cast and dont try....wait another week even less participation...lowland wars suck