Season 6 Details (Coming June 22)

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. No support.
    At least keep it as the current EE wars go, with an equal balance of indi's and LL wars.

    This current method is a pure insult to those who have spent the time and money working to get their full builds ready to war just to find out the first set of lands is all that mattered.
    At this rate, you are not supporting growth, and thus will loose players (including big spenders) who have spent what was needed to prepare for a much anticipated S6.
    This is very disappointing..I expected more from ATA in this regard, at least have some understanding of the players. Truly pathetic.
  2. Indi wars should be allowed as well or it would just be stacked rosters vs last second rosters. Plus with an indi war u have to overcome a team of random people who u might or might not know and overcome the other team by picking a wc and tracker compared to ll wars where they have a set wc and tracker for every war. No support unless indi wars are included
  3. I understand you have a lot of complaints from people that didn't get helmets from last season. But you need to offer some variety for the Core crew of EE people that did, for Season 6 to really stand a chance at being considered a success.
  4. I am praying that devs returns to the old season wars and everyone can war with trusted friends again. I myself have only just given up doing wars because 5 straight losses because of a inactive player was a waste of time and effort .
  5. Support!!
  6. Support .. A mixture of iwar n ll war will be the best.. Dev, pls do not do in ur own way
  7. This might create a response:
    How do we abuse hte on season 6? Will hte drop some season 6 items? How will you encourage players to spend more? (Aside from whales having huge bfa and bfe)
    Will season 6 stop the flow of eb-ads in wc? Will you allow the "tap tap dancers" to have a break and play other games in that season-long timespan? What's the other p2p, p2w catch?
  8. Ugh LL... Disappointed  my build sucks for LL and so not prepared to change my build 
  9. Man, a poop storm must be currently happening at ATA...

    *Laughs uncontrollably*

    Who am I kidding, they don't care
  10. No support. Skip right to all star wars and then start a new event after this current one ends. We can pretend s6 was never mentioned.
  11. I feel there should be all slot equip available and achieved depends upon ur tier as same as season 3. It's not fair to war full month for jst one equip.

    Please Dev bring Atleast 1/2 set of equip.

    And as everyone say there should be both Indi and LL wars.

    And one more request plz plz increase mith payout. Presently it pay so less.

    Ty for reading. But do consider our request.
  12. Pls include individual wars
  13. Another EPIC FAILED from the A Thinking Apes development team and NO RESPECT to WHO is behind this lame idea.
  14. Fail before its even indication and another helmet
  15. Funny thing about it. I know some have dropped their builds assuming it's indi wars XD
  16. All LL is a miserable idea, it excludes half the ppl who want to war from participating. At least in Indi anyone can war, which for many is their first experience which grows the war community rather than decreasing numbers.
    And no mention of the discriminatory war times which will further reduce numbers of those who can war regularly.
    Wake up to yourselves devs and make a war season that is inclusive of the the kawmunity, not just the select few.
  17. Oh please add indi war ... There are so many players who do not have low land clans to war at ... Please add indi
  18. It's dead simple. Create a clan.
  19. Indi! Indi! Indi! (Make it like the Aqua / inferno event where you can take one or other or both paths !!!! Please!!!
  20. Indi! Indi ! Indi ! Also why helm again ? Was looking forward to legs or you know, something else ? But if it must be helm it better be a ton better then last year to make me want to par take