Season 6 Details (Coming June 22)

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  1. And I'm a light spender....
  2. I agree and there is room for both.
    S5 said there was not. There was no rallying around war clans then.
    Tbh the Asian/Aussie peepz r still ignored though and need more opportunity as well.
  3. Problem with iw is this is an event . Many free loader will cast and do 1 action or 1 unload and sleep and pray for victory . Unless this problem is solve iw is still a problem for many warrior . Just to ask so many ask for iw war . Who really xtal when wc call . I see 1 ss show 1 lb say I don't follow wc . If wc ask me jump ship , I jump ?
  4. No indi wars common devs get real i like indi wars win or lose i cant find a ll war clan do s6 like you did s5 give us peeps what we want
  5. Okay, It kind've sucks that it's only LL Wars, but what realy blows is the crown. Who wants a crown two seasons in a row? Bring back equipment sets. I'm sure you can make them special enough to still be relevant until next season. Or it's just time to dump ee all together and find something new.
  6. 1. Add Indi wars into Season 6 as you excluding the majority who cannot always get Into an active warring clan that is well equipped and prepared.

    2.Why another Helmet? As we do have other Equipment slots it would be nice to see a S6 Off-hand or even a Chest piece.

    3. I don't care about warring anymore and it's wack. Thank you
  7. I am not partial to all wars. I don't wanna have to change my build just to war. Having some indi wars thrown in would let/make more ppl want to participate.
  8. I think there should be both LL
  9. I think there personally needs to be a balance between indi and LL wars to accommodate for those who don't like doing just LL wars.
  10. :cool: Worst Season Ever... Epic Fail Grant...

    You gave helmets last Season, why dont put effort on this so awaited S6,
    1) full set of Equipment like last seasons...
    2) Equip from later seasons need a beef up.
    3) Low Land Wars is the worst format ever... they were OK, until you
    added the BFE/BFA.
    4) Why do you give better Equip Everymonth with EB...?
    5) make Season 6 last 6 weeks and 6 Equip to Win... :twisted:
    6) Please Make more Effort to the EE War Community. Thx
  11. I still think roadmap is needed...
  12. Make Indis plz.. I never LL war, I feel as they are stupid in the first place..Come on Devs
  13. No support all all anyone gets on ll is a noob wc clan and loses so how are the few that cant find a clan have to go to a wc last minute clan and lose every war gonna get anything........there not this whole plan is bs and nothing else add some ll indi at the very least. Other wise this is gonna be a complete utter failure as usual but gj if thats what u where going for.
  14. After reading the Season 6 teaser, I was shocked to see the LL only format to say the least. It seems that the Seasons keep getting given less and less thought and the events are given more thought now. Season 5 was Indi only with banners and a crown, which I think they threw together that season in maybe a week with the detail they put into the banners and crown.
    Now they show a teaser for Season 6 and it sounds exactly like Season 5, except that it will be LL only and will not include indi wars. As much as I enjoy LL wars and the strategies that come along with them, this is not the right direction for the devs to be going for Season 6, especially since you will not be awarded any tokens for losing.
    There are a few established LL clans that you see win pretty frequently and then there are the WC clans that get thrown together and lose just about every war, unfortunate to say, but it's just the truth. Devs always talk about community this and community that, but looking at this season, it's not very community friendly; this season will bring a mess to the community and lots of anger.
    There will be many many many, did I say many? People that will not get to participate as much as they would like to in this season because it will be LL only.


    Some rough quick ideas for Season 6:
    - Include both LL and Indi Wars
    - 2 medallions per win, extra medallion for doing multiple wars in a row
    - 5 war win streak, extra medallion
    - 10 war win streak, 2 extra medallions
    - Receive a medallion "fragment" for a loss(half of a medallion), combining two fragments, you receive one medallion
    - To avoid people from getting shattered swords and give everyone an equal chance and work their schedules, possibly have a set "Season" schedule; like Mon, Wed, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are "Season" days and the off days are for events or rest.
  16. They wont win in the first place only clans with a set roster like duckling di pvp and a few others are ever going to win so your top lb will consist of 6 clans and only those police rest get nothing even if they try every war.
  17. I was very disappointed when I saw that ll wars when going to be in s6. That takes away the chance for anyone apart from a few clans to do well in the event, unlike indi where the teams are random so everyone has a chance of winning even before the war starts unlike ll when any normal player has no chance.
  18. Im secretly praying that this is just a proposal so they can gauge the reaction from us.
    If not then this season is going to be total tonk.
    Mix it up devs. EE seasons and S6 should be the pinnacle of this game. Try some lateral thinking rather than just reverting to the norm.
    For example:
    -You could have chosen a new equipment
    -Mix up the tz's (who cares if there's not a high turnout. Pretty sure they can band together to form a clan or sign up for indi)
    -Mix the wars. If you only choose one type you are already cutting off paticipation.
    -Add in different war lengths (a 30 minute max xtal indi blitz for example)

    These are just a few examples but there are many more on this thread and forums, but at the moment you guys have a very unhappy client base.
  19. s6 should be a mixture of normal indi war and then LL indi war.

    This is so powerhouse clans that also use third party program cannot all jump on the bandwagon and win every war.

    Also helmets? why not have the season set and allow players to buy equip with the medallions they receive
  20. Another fail, you need to increase the variety of builds being used while countering gap imbalances not closing the range to avoid the gap altogether.