Season 6 Details (Coming June 22)

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  1. Oooo a helmet....will I be using this to protect my head from injury after bashing my head against the wall with 4 LL's a day?
  2. Every year i have participated in EE Season Wars - One of the only reasons I play KAW is for the Season wars, spending all year preparing my build to compete. This year Season wars are low land wars?

    ATA_Grant, really? Lowland season wars! - This in no way represents the spirit of KAW, in fact, im offended that this is game has devolved to this point. There is no point in spending money, growing your kingdoms or dedicating any time towards preparing for a season that a 1 day account can compete in the same tier as you lol

    I was actually getting excited for this season, ATA_Grant - pull my spending over the past few months, enjoy the thousands of dollars I've spent getting ready for Season Wars with the build you see today; and know that my spending will no stop. I was about to drop another few hundred dollars this week in an effort to BC my account. With the announcement of lowland wars you have taken 10 steps backwards and provided me and other "0" incentive to continue spending.

    Now we have to placate to clans in an effort to meet "their requirements" for build type vs. having an actual season that puts my build against every other build in KAW in my range. You had it right last year when you held "Indi" wars that allowed ANYONE to drop and cast for wars. I 100% guarantee you will see a sharp drop in participation this year. Quite frankly and as plain as I can say this - you have lost me this year and my monetary support. Suppose it's about time to finally buy that boat i want ;-)

    When and who decided this represents a "Season" - this is a farce. You, ATA Grant and others claim this is for the "community" when it accomplishes exactly the opposite and restricts participation.

    Do you even consult Leader Board Players or ppl like myself who have hung around for nearly 7 years supporting this game. Be careful, you have lost enough "whales" in this game. This format will surely isolate the smallest to the largest players.

    Oh and note: I really hope you keep Regular Indi Wars in the mix to renew our EE once every 2 weeks because that's all I will be doing during your crown jewel of events, "EE Season" pfft. Waste of my time and money....but please, dear god have regular non season indi wars, if not you may lose me and others forever...and no, im not dramatizing the situation, its a simple fact.

    A Very Disappointed in ATA, ShadyMarine (7 year player & tens of thousands spent player)
  3. I think it is very smart that s6 is only clan wars,
    Since s1 thru s3 it has been purely clan wars this shows the ability for real warriors to war to gain the best equip to show skills of wc and trackers and over all ability to work as a team. Indi wars as we know them are full of leaks/moles/un balanced lb brackets so I do agree with the thought of making it purely ll wars ..

    Everyone can war LL and with bfa/bfe taking into account even for the smalls to bigs it still gives every member in kaw the options to war if they so choose, it also gives the options for ppl to use the kills they may have learned in indi wars, "tracking, maybe learn to wc"

    Support Devs,

    Great job
  4. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo whats the point of getting a war build only to get this...really devs? Actually annoyed me properly well done
  5. Me without the money bit
  6. LL only clan wars is probably the best way to allow almost anyone to war, but I was also hoping for a LL Indi also --

    Take a look at the war event LB, it's usually dominated by smaller accounts on the whole due to the fact it's much easier to war with and adjust on a smaller scale and actually have a fighting chance every war.

    Why are some of you calling for / boycotting a season that is much more inclusive and clan building cohesive than the random crap shoot of Indi rostering? Sure our BFA and bfe is mitigated mostly, but it sure is fun just warring together with friends of our choosing, win or lose.

    Idk, there's a lot of improvement to be made even in LL wars, and maybe even expanding into HL wars as well would make things even more interesting; but it sure is much better than LB/SH roster stacking of old, and primal wars.

    All bigs complaining, have you seen recent Indi wars? Massive LB accounts on the same roster as 350-400mcs accounts with no BFA. Yeah, because those are real fun for about 100 people in kaw, make it more 20 LBs that actually war Indi usually. Finding a way to entice MORE into wars so the brackets would be more rounded would be a solution as well, pretty sure a new helmet won't be bringing all the boys to the yard.

    Thank you for bringing season 6, good luck to all and I hope to see lots come out fighting!
  7. This is only meant as feedback if indiwar format is included in season 6

    I'm retired from wars - and if I did war I wouldn't do a season war

    This is cuz one of the things that was frustrating was warring with noobs who wanted to participate in season yet had no clue how to war

    I feel off season is where you should learn to war and I also feel that one should participate in a certain # of wars durin the off season to qualify for seasonal wars.

    Along with that I also feel that 2 broken swords should disqualify you for season wars

    I also feel that you should mix up and bring in new war formats
    - how about adding highland wars and hoarfrost wars into the mix
  8. Tiger, the big problem is how they just randomly throw 'marquee' events at us with little prep/notice. If there was somewhat of a timetable/roadmap for war events/seasons and type of war format layed out months in advance, it would be much easier to prepare, train, build, etc for them -- instead we're usually thrown things at us virtually last minute, which is probably the most irritating to me.
  9. I agree -

    In past I requested a schedule of upcoming events

    - a general schedule of major events such of asw and seasonal war
    - and a more detailed one with 2 months notice

    But I have a feeling they cannot do this cuz they actually throw things together last min without any planning
  10. Please add individual aswell so i dont have to join last minute rosters and lose every single dang ll war and change build every single time to please clan owners.
    This also will kill indi wars who will want to indi war when it wont help you at all other than for whatever event is running items.
  11. Im all for clan building and having clan wars but this isnt the way maybe go back and fix round wars or revisit i remember when clan wars used to be fun and unless it was a total mismatch was still a good aspect ,
  12. I found it sad people who actually build for Indi can't use their build. Recently, I started to think about warring more and maybe build myself for S6.

    What happened right now? Lost my interest. This article just showed me the devs doesn't listen to the players sadly.

    I'm not the one who wars 4 times per day, I'm someone who is trying to learn and right now I found out LL will be impossible except if you are in a good clan, which are all almost close for the moment and if you don't find a last minute clan that has no WC / Tracker... People are building, putting trillions for a Indi build and just got forgot by devs right now.

    3-4 clans will dominate and almost never be against each other or rarely? At least put something for top clans... 

    We need Indi so everyone can have a chance in season 6. Just keep this schedule and apply it to season 6 if there's nothing better, but Indi is a necessity, not only LL. Indi and LL.

    Thank you.
  13. I like lowland more than individual wars but still more people do indi seems strange to me why you have got rid of them. All this thread is is people asking for indi why don't you give it to them? It won't make any difference to you except these players might continue to spend and play because you listened to them for once. Every crap decision you make people leave and you don't seem to care maybe you want rid of this game who know's.
  14. Id prefer both ll and indy wars every 3 hrs. Give players as many choices as possible
  15. Or do ll and indi at the same time?? Let two different woc in alchemist. People wanna do indi can choose indi woc and ll can choose ll woc?
  16. But if that's not possible then do ll and indi both.
  17. Wow...all lowland glad i wont have to wait around to do that. The computer glitch fast ubload cans will dominate and everyone else will lose war after war after war....spunds great....and by great i mean no thanks so glad clash of clans cut the timer down to cook troops looking very fast like thsts going to be my go to app screw this
  18. No Indy? I'm not doing s6 unless Indy. Finding clans are hard , all these trash last minute ones in WC don't cut it, listen to the people guys. Come on.
  19. Tens of thousands?!? This new player just shat himself reading that
  20. Mix of both pls