Season 6 Details (Coming June 22)

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. You don't even make sense and you're still a nub.

    No war slots for nubs sorry.
  2. Well, looks like I'll have a worry free summer
  3. Support
  4. Extra War slots do not benefit me.
    How selfish of u.
  5. No indi war? -_-
  6. no indie wars just ll wat a load ofr bs id rather do with out
  7. What if you give an extra prize to that clan that stays in Prestige LB 1 at end of the season? ?
  8. Ty devs LL wars it is GL all
  10. ^

  11. HAIL FSM
  12. Make it lowland indi wars and you might have a good season on your hands but this is just awful. The war community is already torn apart and honestly the best way forward is to get more people participating. Work on getting clan wars back in the picture when more people are taking part because as it stands it will just end up in failure.
  13. By far this game is getting less interesting R.I.P wars
  14. Not a bad idea.

    On reflection the possibility of moving away from pure LL random wars to the full spectrum of classic and advantage could be interesting. Of course the LB accounts will simply rebuild accordingly for each war slot...
  15. Give special reward to wc and tracker . Their effort have gone unrecognised for too long . Maybe have best wc and tracker top 5 , top 10 selected by top 100 lb war warrior . Without wc and tracker , those lb warrior is nothing . Reward I thinking give special icon in their name like the asw
  16. IWars allows anyone to screw around or float always leaving it to others to do the work.

    Individual wars is aptly named.
    Oxymoron though in a team effort.

    The simple fact that old vets n new warriors alike can enter into S6 without being LB is a good thing. I'd wager most ppl on the Petition thread for IWars do none of the work. Rather win or a lose war without 1 mole or inactive spoiling the party. At least a war clan can hold only themselves accountable for those same ppl.
  17. The only pro about this is that you wont have an inactive event hunter
  18. This is so dumb, bring back rancor sets you dweebs
  19. Lowland wars o.0 lmao I honestly expected to partake in s6 thanks for killing that dream.
  20. This will probably be first season I sit out since they started. Only LL wars - no thanks. I grew my build so I could use it. Maybe it's time to move on to new game since season wars were the only reason I was sticking around anyways ️