Season 6 Details (Coming June 22)

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  1. War seasons have downsized over time.
    Gone r 8 week seasons with 6 war slots n 2hr wars with larger rosters n mixed formats.

    ASW alone has remained unchanged but it could be improved to allow a full 1600 entrants.

    Once again i maintain war clans need their day in the sun n LL War is worth the try. Furthermore more war events could be introduced. Also the Asia/Aussie TZ can be revisited n allow them more opportunity.

    None of the above is selfserving to me just my overview n thoughts.
  2. @this whole thread

  3. What people are asking for is a mixture so ll clans will still have their times but also allows for full range of ppl to participate
  4. No probs but a full range of ppl includes those who r not there to war or win also. Remove the overall abuse to reasonable levels n it makes more sense. Til then its open season for any yahoo to screw around n waste 2hrs of others time. 3 day Shattered Sword hardly goes far enough.
  5. If the LL war format will push thru, isnt it reasonable that the clan itself gets a perm bonus too as much as the players who war in it? if this was said in the earlier posts, please ignore.
  6. so many ppl talk and say about ll and iwar, some support iwar,some support ll war.
    the problem for those who support iwar becoz many of them have no war clan who accept them in but to be fair for all of the players, iwar is also the way to resolve all the things.

    i have a suggest:

    ppl can choose which type of war they want, if they decided which type they wanna join then they cannot change it the whole season. and put time slot to equal to both type of war.

    so war clan enjoy LL war
    Other enjoy iwar
    no one can chase medals

    maybe it a bad idea but think about it
  7. How about adding 1-2 Indi LL Wars to the schedule daily to allow Asia/Aussie ppl to war more easily. They have it hardest of all the TZ's.

    Surely for a 4 week war event it is worthy.
  8. Stop ll wars they were boring
    Please keep same stats for war also
  9. Hi all! Am new in this game, barely playing for 2 years this tap tap game and at start found it boring. Until I was introduced to EE individual war and was able to participate in Season 5, and even made it to S5 top 100.

    I am disappointed to find out after continuously doing EE individual wars and testing and adjusting my build for Season 6 that it's going to be an all Low Land Wars. I haven't done LL wars, I don't understand the mechanics. Being new and for my size, with huge disparity between player's sizes, am probably known to no one in terms of war. This gives me a very small chance to be invited to a good LL war clan. I war to win, and hopping from 1 LL war clan to another gives me less chances of winning against a solid LL war clan. I come from an OSW clan and we don't do LL wars.

    I know that each of us enjoys this game for various reasons, some are EB fairies, OSW, PvP, EE individual war, EE LL war and others for Event item drops. For me, it's the individual war.

    I know that there are some drawbacks on individual war. Some moles, or inactive during war, or EB built, first time warring or warring with more that 1 account. But this is true to both opposing team and was around even before I started playing this game.

    The beauty of individual war though is the coming together of players unknown to each other, setting aside sometimes their own personal or clan dispute to war for 1 hour to win.

    I hope that there is still time to adjust and accommodate individual war for this coming Season 6.

    PS: May I suggest also to bring back the weekend 100 roster individual war, as this is an avenue for players, big and small to come together and get to know each other even for just an hour war.
  10. All for another hat? Nty. What a joke, this is sad.
  11. Devs be like, and mith!!! You getnmith rewards! But DW mith is useless because equips we put out are outdated after the next frigging event! Wasted hella month on my daggers chest and rings, all to be outdated a month later
  12. No support bring some indi. War for s6 noobs ape...
  13. lots of good points there people need to understsnd
    There are 2 types of ee warriors and season should be for both
  14. Yea,bring back the 50-100 Roster INDIVIDUAL CHAOS WAR cos Indi War represent total CHAOS....its where the fun begin...
  15. Let me suggest an alternate eq. Maybe the 4 damn eq you wont be giving in this 8part event? How about that.
  16. Maybe two events. Indi and all warsÓźć
  17. Ll only? Indi wars are the only fun part of this game. Crash and burn devs....crash and burn
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    It's not like they haven't seen this. I see them lurking the threads about S6 daily.

    Hopefully one of the apes will break the silence soon. It's rather disconcerting the lack of dev response. Although I hope it means that they're back to the drawing board and working on incorporating some of the suggestions to better accommodate the community.
  19. All ll wars r great idea no moles inactivity bs or anything sounds like perfect season
  20. Quote of NIGHT SKY

    There are 2 types of ee warriors and season should be for both.

    True. Indy warriors in S5 and LL inS6.

    Well not totally true but a helluva a lot less problems for sure.

    News for u....

    Grant said it will be all LL War.
    Seems straightforward enough for me.
    Saying it twice makes a difference? Lol

    IWar was fun and good but too many issues have crept in & taken root. Once again blame ppl for spoiling it. It does not belong in S6 for those very reasons & the war community has not helped with ideas to fix it either.