Season 6 Details (Coming June 22)

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. why should season top spots be only for few clans?why should people be only able to get top if they find a good clan and if they cant it doesn't matter how good or dedicated they are....
  2. Ignoring war clans have a place to call their own is simply silly in a war game. Too much is made of a 4 week war season for them other than the rewards r not inline with events and surpassed so easily.
  3. Kind of intriguing why most people who support this are usually in good ll war clans
  4. Top spot only goes to the hardcore whether war or events. Its neither easy nor cheap given the time and commitment to do so.
  5. but still anyone who likes to ee looks forward to season(my opinion) and most people arent asking for all out indi they asking for mix whats wrong with that...ppl in good clans get what they want and people who got a "proper war "build actually get something back
  6. I'm in a new war clan n enjoy the fun n chance to war with them. I cannot speak for all ppl but IMO more ppl need to commit to that more. From there the base of war clans can only grow n enhance competition.

    ASW is for top 10k and is an IWar format but i think more warring opportunities r needed yet.
  7. Yes but what is wrong with ppl giving LL War a chance? S5 was IWar n its only fair.
  8. And regarding ur comment about top spot going go dedicated if u read i have said u can only get top spots if u find a good clan which is unlikely now as most people got caught by surprise by s6 all ll war and prob didn't really bother with finding clans before and now they are kind of in a bad position arent they
  9. More than 2 weeks of heads up for S6 n also naive to think LL War since inception was not a part of future war seasons
  10. Did ppl honestly believe S5 IWar only was a permanent war season? Hardly not.
  11. I am not against IWar whatsoever.
    My motives have and always will be that War clans and a format for them is more important.
    Since IWars inception it has helped bring more ppl into warring whether new ppl or for convenience. Thats fine but i still maintain war clans need their own time n recognition. Its all about evolving.

    Fixing past formats was folly and inventing new ones is better.
  12. People prob expected mixed but not full ll
  13. War clans did not expect getting thrown under the bus in S5 either did they?

    S5 was a precursor to 1 format only.
  14. yes people have started to male clans now but will they match those clans who have been in ll from start doubt it
    This season obviously only caters for one type of warriors why?
  15. yeah but those if i remember were dying out
  16. Idk the answer tbh but its a start.
    I am all for expansion n growth.
  17. Personally i lost so many more wars than won in S1-3 n yet i still am here. If not for wars idk if i'd still be playing KaW. S4 i was fortunate to be in a good war clan. S5 was what is was n my luck was not very good but i still enjoy war n the fun no matter the format. Gone r Round Wars n Primal Wars stacking dominance n this is a step forward IMO.
  19. trust me it will be same for s6 so its a step back ward not forward
  20. Lol i got a alt im ur bracket so know why u want indiÓźí