Season 6 Details (Coming June 22)

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  1. Did u support variety for S5?[/quote]
    Cant remember tbh but at least in s5 i had a choice of different wars, S6 as it stands will mean i join a ll war clan or dont war at all.[/quote]

    You could make a clan I know crazy right?[/quote]

    Did already awhile ago. Not crazy at all.
    My alt holds it and solo's WB 
  2. I am ambivalent regarding S6 being all LL wars.

    On the one hand, I hated S5 with indy only for the reasons stated elsewhere: people who threw wars to benefit someone on the other side (or just to be a troll), people who did minimum actions and then went inactive and hoped the rest of the team would carry them, people who went rogue and didn’t follow their WC thus ruining everyone else’s plan, etc., etc., etc. When you have a cohesive war clan that type of crap does not happen or you simply are not rostered for a clan war. At least then when you lose, it is because you got beat straight up—not because of some jerk.

    On the other hand I can sympathize with people who feel they may not get a shot. A LL build is not that expensive and so, theoretically, the majority of KaW has a qualifying build. However, if you are fairly new to the game it is unlikely you will get an invitation to an experienced war clan. Experienced clans already have people they know, trust, and who understand how to follow directions from war leaders. If a new build is forced to war with a random group from WC, they are likely to lose the vast majority of the time, and that is no fun.

    So, like I said, I despised S5 (but still did it grudgingly because war is the best aspect of KaW in my opinion), but I can see the issues with proposed S6 as well.
  3. If a clan gets a NM will they be compensated in any way?
  4. I don't see what is wrong with a completely level playing field. Contrary to what some have said, it is not possible to stack a roster with the ll war structure. Before you go raging about bfe and bfa bonuses. Even those with good bfe and bfa are not untouchable In the ll structure. I think it is a great way to bring in almost the entire kaw to season 5.

    Well done devs.
  6. Come get your helmets heeeyah 
  7. Put a lot of thought into this huh devs. So, S7 will be indi only? Will that be the pattern? Come on! Put some effort into this. If you all can write elaborate stories regarding events surely you can use your brain and make the seasons better than what you are offering. Smh--- so disappointing
  8. I'll start by saying that I don't war, I just have a question. General wonderment if you will :lol:

    What about a system where clan owners sign up for war and anyone who wants to participate cast wave of conflict. Then the owners will receive a list of those who have signed up and then pick the players they wish to have on their roster. Everyone who's casted has a chance to be picked and put into a clan (like indy) but owners still have control over who they have in their clan.

    Of course this might just lead to the same people in the same clans anyway. But it keeps clan wars as an option with an element of indy. Perhaps might eliminate players scurrying to find a clan at the last minute.

    Like I said, I don't war and this could be a terrible idea. I'm just curious :)
  9. This stack myth is just that, a myth.

    I win on lb regularly in llwar with half my eq slots empty and no bfa.

    Will clans that already focus on llwar have an advantage? Likely so, they have spent a lot more time in the trenches working together as one unit.

    Its about time kaw does something to try and strengthen loyalty of clans instead of sending them off to chase items.

    Good luck all in S6!
  10. LL only? That's lame. Helms again? Lame. Bfa/fe? Back to stacked rosters and exclusion for most from decent clans. Back to the days you could tell the outcome of a war b4 it was fought. That REALLY sucks. What about those don't like ll wars we just going to lose out ee and wait a month to get it back, at lv1? This is very disappointing and I for one have been looking forward to this since last year. Guess my wallet staying closed still. Thank you for ruining the best part of kaw yet again.
  11. Prophet you war at DI though, where everyone else is stacked and comprised of top100-top10 players. Not sure it really applies XD
  12. Which means we generally match up against the strongest roster and I am normally the lowest stats of both sides. So it applies to me even more so than most.

    Yet I still have no problem winning be it cr 1 or cr 15.

    Last llwar i believe you faced us and did your clan not sit on our two lb the whole war?

    They do get a buff, they have earned it, but it is small in comparison to llwar raw stats.
  13. It was a great war btw.
    However we were a merc clan (1st war)
    With no BFA on anyone except CR1, but I digress, I attribute it to good WC'ing more than anything. Which actually supports your point now that I think about it, a merc clan with no BFA lost by 1.2% plunder to DI. So yeah even if the Devs decide to be stupid and not add indie (I prefer indie myself) then it wouldn't be the end of the war as long as you have some contacts.
  14. Hi all! Is possible for Devs to develop a mechanism for active defense?

    With active defense I mean using specific items or to do something when under attack. Than just being helpless and just watching your army and spies being butchered with no means of defence.
  15. See. It is just something for others to gripe about when it plays to the smallest of factors, which it really isnt one. Like ya said, that war came down to last KO, not who had lb.

    This is really the only aspect of kaw that supports sticking and working together like clans use to do back in them old golden days.

    Indi is a luck of the draw kind of deal. It doesnt take near the effort of putting together and maintaining a llwar clan.

    In my bracket, with an account of about 2 months, i am surrounded by 2-5 year players who dont grow and simply stay small to dominate war with bfe/bfa over noobs. This takes 0 skill and does not warrant a reward. That can be said of any the loopholes that come with indi.
  16. Total crap awarding extra rewards for back to back wars that's not easy for those outside the US or anyone who's not on school holidays. Keep it simple. As for Indi s5 was utter bull least all LL wars takes us back to the clan war aspect of season wars. To be honest I'd like to see the reintroduction of primal maybe in Indi format. And why not run Indi and LL simultaneously so those without clans have the opportunity to compete.
  17. +1 for LL indi
  18. This will be a failed season then all ll? Ehy not bring round wars back??? Where actual skill comes in. Not many will participate regardless of prizes due to it being a helm and only ll wars what a epic failure
  19. Just to post here. Very disappointed in LL only wars. That is garbage.

    I don't care about rewards like others might, but seriously, you handcuff those that pay your salary like myself....

    I'm unsatisfied
  20. Really what was the point of all the land upgrades when those people can't even use their builds?

    Are you guys running out of bandaids yet?