Season 6 - An Idea

Discussion in 'Wars' started by NotTom, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. I wish everyone warred Ps1 free wins 
  2. I'm sorry. I forgot you've been playing that account for 5 years and have gotten used to being a bottom feeder and seeing small numbers. Maybe if you actually put some time into the game, maybe grow a bit(?), and gave an actual damn rather than pretending to in forums, you might formulate a different opinion on things.
  3. It's called resetting, quitting, resetting again.
    You know, just enjoying the game as I feel like enjoying it, not making it my life mission or obsession to have some 'big numbers'.

    It's always good to see people insult your stats though. Shows they're grasping at straws .

    'Yeah! Well... You smell funny!'

    Not sure how stats are relevant in discussing a war type where they are irrelevant. But you don't have to be logical or make relevant counter-arguments when you are a moron I guess.
  4. I like all this, sounds good to me :D means warring clans got to pick their fighters well rather than rush straight in, support entirely :D
  5. I like being clan less though most times.
    So No Support. 
  6. no support
  7. Could devs run clan ll and indi ll at the same time?
  8. Rosters are a mix actually of tps1, tanks and hybrids.
  9. Chazza come on man. Don't be logical or truthful. He just needs to feel hard done by because he spent so much money on this game.

    If they fixed it, like they already have, that'd still suck too!
  10. Full Support. Amazing idea full and through
  11. Let's have the old system back so I can war on a sh, beat Ty and then listen to Ty cry about sh in forums.
  12. You are ex BH. So idk why you talking crap. It's more a battle of skill in ll, it comes Down to your team makingthe repins, staying tz or sz or high depending on builds. It comes down to working together st its finest.
  13. Any thing that encourages clan wars and gets rid of waste of time Indy wars has my support
    Season 1 (read THE WHOLE EE CONCEPT) was supposed to be like this and the tears caused hurricane Katrina.
  14. I like the raw concept. But the penalty of leaving the clan is too heavy. Make it a little lighter and combine it with losing Estoc Edge.
  15. Ty, you're funny dude. Ps1 clans don't rule anything. Look at chaos reborn onslaught war record. Over and over we have beat ps1 clans. And we have beat all atk clans. There's no secret to LL. It's Rock Paper Scissors.
  16. Id rather have 100% indy wars for season 6. I liked s5 alot.
  17. Lets all war for equipment that gets outdated in a month great idea lol unless devs willing to make ee equip the best again then whats the point of mith eq? I spent like 5-6k mith on my two mith weps and They were outdated almost immediatetly after S5 ended
  18. That equip is s4 equip, your crown is still the best right?
  19. People saying why not abyss wars hoarfrost wars whatever lol that's primal no? Where one clan killed the whole war system if you want that back then your a weirdo.
  20. No one cares about their clan anymore
    It's all individuals looking out for themselves
    Obviously there are exceptions to the rule but the majority of KaW do not know a Clan based KaW world. It's not profitable enough for the developers that way either.
    There is much more money taking advantage of LB hungry lonely guys spending granny's money.