Season 6 - An Idea

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  1. Season 6 - An Idea

    So we can all pretty much agree that S5 was no-effort season that took place purely to shut people up complaining about there not being a season right? The whole all-indi thing was more than a little annoying for most and the fact that there were several sh in the top 10 (myself included hehehehe) made people feel as though the whole thing was a bit of a joke. Well, I'd like Season 6 to have structure similar to that of Seasons 1-3, but with Lowland Wars rather than Round Wars.
    Lowland Wars are the ideal war type to use for a season for several reasons:
    They are accessible to all, they have extremely high participation and are the most fair war system devs have come up with since I started my kawreer.

    The Idea
    This will be divided into mini-sections:
    The Rewards
    The Format
    The Catch

    The Rewards
    The Rewards would be based upon the acquired Rancor level (more on that later) which a player has acquired through warring with his/her clan. The rewards would be as follows:

    Rancor 11-20: Boots
    Rancor 21-30: Above + Gauntlets
    Rancor 31-40: Above + Trinket + Ring + (Lowest stat) Banner
    Rancor 41-50: Above + Ring + Helmet
    Rancor 51-70: Above + Arms
    Rancor 71-80: Above + Shoulders + Legs
    Rancor 81-90: Above + Offhand + (Medium stat) Banner
    Rancor 91-99: Above + Weapon
    Rancor 100: Above + Chest + (Powerful) Banner
    (Will be enchanted with mithril)
    (Note: Highly unlikely that they will be called Rancor, just used that as a throwback lol)

    Extra: 10% eb plunder spell lasting 2 weeks for all warriors who earned over 20 rancor levels and remained in their clan for the entire season.

    The mith payout this season will also be calculated a little differently:
    Mith Pay = (((Mith cast/3) + (Successful actions/30)) *N) + KO's
    N = 5 if Win, 0.5 if Loss
    KO's = Your KO's + your SKO's - any knockouts enemy got on you (rewards successfully skoing lol)

    The Format

    Lowland Wars - BFA/BFE = OFF, POTS = OFF, Lowland Stats only

    6 Wars Per day - should allow ample opportunity for all timezones to war.

    Roster size and KO typer: Alternates between 15 and 25 each day, with a daily KO type rotation.
    E.g. Day 1 (15 man roster): War 1 & 2 = Random, War 3 & 4 = Classic, War 5& 6 = Advantage
    then Day 2 (25 man roster): War 1 & 2 = Advantage, War 3 & 4 = Random, War 5& 6 = Classic
    then Day 3 (15 man roster): War 1 & 2 = Classic, War 3 & 4 = Advantage, War 5& 6 = Random
    etc, etc.

    Season would last 6 weeks, with Rancor levels being won and lost as follows:
    Weeks 1-4: Win = +2 Rancor, Loss = -1 Rancor
    Week 5: Win = +4 Rancor, Loss = -2 Rancor
    Week 5: Win = +6 Rancor, Loss = -4 Rancor

    This would create a very competitive, mildly gambling element to the season - do you play it safe and war loads the first 4 weeks where both the risk and the reward are relatively low, or do you wait until the last weeks when the reward is high and the risk even higher?

    The Catch

    Upon leaving your clan your Rancor level will be reset to 0 - this will promote clan loyalty and ensure that people have to work together with their clanmates to achieve greatness in season 6. EE levels will not be affected. I know people won't like this part, but I think it is necessary to make kaw back into a game based on clan loyalty, not how much money you have lining your pockets.

    Please, tell me what you think of this proposal and leave an comments or suggestions down in the comments.


    Edit: iWars would be put on hold for the duration of the season, not cancelled forever.
  2. support bby
  3. I like the concept, maybe not drop rancor to 0. 1-2 levels every time you leave would be more reasonable imho

    But other than that support 100%, bring back the rancor wars and stop to iwar nonsense
  4. Maybe dropping the number of levels equivalent to a win in that week? E.g. leaving clan in weeks 1-4 = -2 rancor, week 5 = -4 rancor, week 6 = -6 rancor? Lol
  5. Awdy gives his support!

    All Hail Awdy?
  6. That idea works well too, I just feel 0 is a bit too much
  7. I like it but I disagree with your take on clan loyalty.

    I would suggest making it to where you have to declare your war clan. You can war outside of your clan, but you won't gain rancor if you win, and if you lose, you lose double the amount of rancor you normally would.

    This would require players to war inside their clan to receive any benefits, and it would deter players from warring outside their war clan due to the potential excessive loss of rancor.
  8. Throw in indis for people who like using thier whole build, drop the Catch, and you have a winner.
  9. No support
  10. @Seth that's not a bad idea but I like the thought of something so extreme just for one season... Just to see how it goes - of course when leaving a clan there would be several confirmation messages telling them they will lose rancor levels etc so it can't be done by accident.

    @crimson indi has no place in Season Wars in my opinion, and the catch is a necessary part to make it more interesting hehe
  11. Won't happen, Devs won't drop Indi wars for a season.
  12. Only very serious war clans will war with that catch, drastically dropping participation rate.
  13. Support except for the staying in clan to keep rancor level. If there are 70 people in my clan and it's a 15 roster war, I don't wanna be forced to stay in a clan for 2 hours doing nothing because I wasn't picked for that war.
  14. Staying in one clan? Not possible bro.
  15. Support great idea
  16. No support, you're shutting out 95% of all EE warrers if you don't do all indi.
  17. Support baby