Season 6 - A Disappointment

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Buffalo, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. NO SUPPORT. Indis in war season = war season ruined. Eb fairies will cast for indis, will go inactive or will be akoed whole war and costing others. Secondly indi matches are most of the time TANKS STACKED ROSTER VS LEAKY BUILD OR HANSELS. In indis peeps cast alts and throw war for main or for a friend in need, there are many ll clans recruiting for season 6, show your worth and enjoy season 6.
    War season should not include indis because of its drawbacks.

    Gj devs.

    Equipment: Yes we don't want helmet, don't repeat equipment please, S5 gave helmet too. What we gonna do with it? We need something better. 30 days of hardwork for a helmet?
  2. No support
    We already have some double casters in same bracket and go inactive in middle.
    If its season then u will encouter so many moles/inactives.
    So I support all ll wars
  3. dont have much experience with warring and was wanting to get more into it, but now i definately wont be if its only LL wars. thanks devs :(
  4. Not to knock shy or any one who wars there but seems like the only way they can get a head is by stripping right before war starts and also there is no way one person can do 12 actions in less than 2 mins even if on PC so I'll let you decide what's going on in that war clan
  5. Chocolate- a disappointment

    Why- he still plays and isn't in my range.

  6. Let's see
    120 seconds
    12 actions
    1 action per 10 seconds

    Why is he so slow? I do 4 actions in 1.5 sec xD
  7. love you too
  8. thanks guys. good support hopefully we get more

  9. If u cant do 1 action in second on pc,It seems u have network problem. So contact ur network provider.

  10. Don I think you are on dial up. You can't do 10 actions in 2 minutes? Especially without pots? LOL Anyways, devs please hear that noob and check out peeps of Shy.
  11. Report us idm. No use talking on forums when you havent even emailed devs. If you choose to keep talking while devs take no action against us it shows a lot

    Edit: if youre wondering which war hes talking about check x factor vs shy. Butthurt comments go on shyguy wall btw
  12. One more thing. 12actions in 120secs is impossible? Dunno what kind of network/phone you're using๎๎
    12actions in 120secs is slow. Also ss or bs . No point talking about these kind of things on forums when you dont even have logs or ss to back it lol. For all we know what youre saying might not even be true
  13. You still suk, lol
  14. Agreed
  15. This entire app is a disappointment
  16. Support! I definitely Suk.
  17. 12 in 2 minutes...? That's easy on PC. Terribly easy.

  18. I appreciate whatever choco has done in the past for community. Tbh I feel he is better than u as a warrior or wc/tracker.
  19. Season 6 Helmet - A Disappointment โ›‘๎‰