Season 6 - A Disappointment

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    Hello All, like many,
    I was very excited to hear
    that S6 was being revealed today,
    but upon reading the thread
    I saw several issues that need
    to be addressed.

    I have a lot of experience with Estoc wars. I have been warring for several years now, and I am a well known war commander. I am currently a perm warrior at Shy, where, I often back up as a WC when needed. I have written several programs for war clans, other wcs, and even the public. my most well known is my War Command Center which Vadue(HTLFreak) included in version 5.3 of his tracker.


    • 1.Poor Equipment
      2.Purely LL
      3.Bonus Medals for Repetition

    Poor Equipment

    • Only one piece of equip
    • Same type of equip as last season
    • Cannot be enchanted
    For players that have done past seasons, they do not want equip for the same slot as the previous year. A big part of competing in seasons is for the trophy, the equipment, preferably we would like to show off all of our season equipment at once instead of no longer being able to wear an obsolete one. Also, warriors earn a huge quantity of mithril during these events and seasons. We no longer have faith in the Alchemist equip because it is all obsolete compared to low tier event equip.

    Purely Low Land

    • Only approximately 9 "good" Low Land clans currently.
    • Noobs cannot participate because good clans wont take them, and there is no medals from losing.
    • Players will not be able to use their real build in EE for a month.
    • No cool down time between LL wars.
    • Repetitive.
    • Lack of War Commanders

    Warring at Shy, I know for a fact Low Land wars are much more stressful and serious than Individual wars. there is much more going on in the War Commanders head, its a whole different game mode. It's nice to have Indi wars in the mix gives War commanders a break between LL wars. You also cannot WC LL the same as you would individual wars, which means the new warriors that do not LL will struggle to compete during season 6 because all the experienced LL Wcs already have LL clans that will not recruit.
    I feel we should make Season 6 mixed. because all Low Land warriors can do indi wars with the same odds of winning as Indi warriors, but those who indi wars can barely win even if they manage to find a clan.

    Bonus Medalions For Repetitive Warring

    • Encourages people to push their limits.
    • Encourages sleeplessness
    • Will Lead to increased inactivity and broken swords
    • Less Room for new people on rosters

    This is actually an idea I am somewhat pleased with. I like that those who try harder have opportunity to earn more medals. but I feel like how its set up will lead to inactives, which, in turn will hurt other people in the same clans. having spell only last 1 war will be a bad influence and force people to take more risks. I believe we should make it last until the next time you cast WoC, but wear off after a maximum of 24hrs. this would encourage people to war daily during s6, while not encourage clans to use the same roster over and over and have a ton of people warring 4 wars a day for a month straight.



    I will be paying attention to the comments and I will update this thread in a few days after seeing your solutions. :D
  2. Reserved - but agreed (Total Disappointment in Season 6 LL only announcement)

    A Very Disappointed in ATA, ShadyMarine
  3. So terrible. Lowland wars are garbage
  4. Why only LL wars for s6? Haven't tried one yet and if that's all there is well yet another season without war for me (to the delight of "leak!" whiners xD)
    Got nothing to contribute, your concerns and seem sound. There are quite a few posts about the upcoming s6, hopefully good ideas will be brainstormed and devs will respond to the feedback.
  5. Excellent summary, thank you for putting the effort in. I hope the right people listen.
  6. Season 6 does need a range of diff war types, what's wrong with the current event set up devs? Maybe change it up by adding 100 man rosters
  7. One major flaw if s6 will go on as planned is that it's discouraging people to war unless you already in a good LL clan. Yes people will try to make new clans for s6 but will they win?..... Probably not
  8. After reading the Season 6 teaser, I was shocked to see the LL only format to say the least. It seems that the Seasons keep getting given less and less thought and the events are given more thought now. Season 5 was Indi only with banners and a crown, which I think they threw together that season in maybe a week with the detail they put into the banners and crown.
    Now they show a teaser for Season 6 and it sounds exactly like Season 5, except that it will be LL only and will not include indi wars. As much as I enjoy LL wars and the strategies that come along with them, this is not the right direction for the devs to be going for Season 6, especially since you will not be awarded any tokens for losing.
    There are a few established LL clans that you see win pretty frequently and then there are the WC clans that get thrown together and lose just about every war, unfortunate to say, but it's just the truth. Devs always talk about community this and community that, but looking at this season, it's not very community friendly; this season will bring a mess to the community and lots of anger.
    There will be many many many, did I say many? People that will not get to participate as much as they would like to in this season because it will be LL only.


    Some rough quick ideas for Season 6:
    - Include both LL and Indi Wars
    - 2 medallions per win, extra medallion for doing multiple wars in a row
    - 5 war win streak, extra medallion
    - 10 war win streak, 2 extra medallions
    - Receive a medallion "fragment" for a loss(half of a medallion), combining two fragments, you receive one medallion
    - To avoid people from getting shattered swords and give everyone an equal chance and work their schedules, possibly have a set "Season" schedule; like Mon, Wed, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are "Season" days and the off days are for events or rest.
  9. Agreed total disappointment I want indi wars ll suck.
  10. I'd be dissapointed if i had any expectation s6 was going to be any good. Another failed attempt ATA, get back to the drawing board.
  11. Support . We need this s6 change so dissapointed
  12. Not really being good at either format,

    I do agree that it does seem to limit people's participation quite a bit which is counterproductive.
  13. They will change the format in a week or less to half indi half ll, like they have previously done.

    Calm down people.
  14. Support for both LL and indi wars, however it can be worked out.
    I will not participate in LL wars, as I do not care for them.
  15. Egotistical maniacs lol, "I know, release this terrible idea, then people will thank and praise is when we change it!"
  16. Get into ll wars before commenting on it. While I disagree with this statement I feel that a balance is still needed
  17. support nice thread