Season 5 Proposal #2

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  1. No support.
    Rarely unused? You sure you war mate? Many wars can be won without an xtal.
    I always carry xtals to wars and I don't like non xtal people. But making it mandatory? Hell no.
    participation sucks anyway. You wanna make it even worse? Good on ya.
  2. Think its time to call it a day on ee

    Let's just rp and drink beer
  3. Unless you drink babycham like most of those we will rpu dudes
  4. On a serious note

    Whose round is it anyway?
  5. Read page 129 war idea instead of a reply to a comment instead of comment on a snip it.
    Supply your version of a solution.
    Btw only twice has my clan won without an xtal. Only warred once to date.

    No Support
  6. Making xtals mandatory will be plunge participation even more.
    You know it.
    Would you rather face the same opponents every war? Or have someone different. EE is monotonous anyway right now.
  7. Ok don't bother reading page 129.
    Carry on I'm listening
  8. Idk where u been but its offseason n a long one at that.
    Warring in S5 against only 1 clan is a wee stretch of the imagination.
    U saying u never lost an EE war due to a non xtaller?
    I will say our clan has in IWar but not in a clan war.
    He was only in war to spam cc n was silenced n received a Shattered Sword.
    Idc about u but him throwing a war n wasting 14 other ppls 2hrs each was unacceptable.
    Hope u war with him soon n often.
  9. For one who says read posts carefully, you are a hypocrite.
    I did say I hate non xtal people.
    But there is a difference between non xtallers and having people use mandatory xtals.
    Where I've been in the off season? Here only, warring lol.
    Oh, a solution would be the war xtals devs promised back in s2.
  10. Sweet mother of Mary yes.
  11. War xtals not happening..old news GL
  12. You asked for a solution, that will be it lol
  13. Support, I think system should allow to cast WOC only if the player has atleast one xtals.
  14. I don't see why this would matter, just because you have an xtal doesn't mean you have to use it
  15. I dont see why they cant create a crysral that would only work while woc is casted and you are on a warring roster..
  16. What if there's a preseason that requires everyone to complete a certain amount of preseason matches to qualify for season 5? They would have to be active in each match and not abuse indi rules. This can help limit the amount of inactives, moles, and spammers who cast and disrupt wars randomly during the season. It will show that they are committed in some way to the season and If they still break rules during the season after qualifying they could be banned for the season. This is just an idea that I know will have some flaws just thought I would say it for discussion 
  17. S5 really delayed now. Asw is due also this month. Where r we now after all the feedbacks provided here?
  18. Well? What's the drill
  19. Devs stalled more times than a learner driver