Season 5 Proposal #2

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  1. I get the feeling we are being strung along too Spil
  2. Ban round wars๎Ÿ
  3. Anytime would b nice for Kaw_Comm to chime in with something, or as some have previously mentioned this is just a way for the devs to stall more so another event can b rolled out.
  4. As a purist i believe S5 is about clan wars n teamwork for good or bad n build a unified clan.

    IWar makes sense if Round Wars r not adjusted to even the playing field.

    See MyPouf thread for a solution to Round War Plunder exploit problem. This has real possibilities n worth a try IMO.
  5. Check out Kaw_community wall. I have an idea for season wars there. Need feedback here so they can perhaps use it
  6. Well if you choose who you can sign up with whether its 2 or 5 people its not indi anymore and it will just be like round or primal normal ee whatever nobody will link up together with a few crappy attack builds and sign up thats why indi is good everyone signs up doesnt matter what your build is.
  7. Just have both, at the same time. For me, i prefer indi because i don't want to join a clan for a whole season where i might or might not get a spot on the roster when it's convenient for me to war. However, spreading out Indi and Round and Primal wars doesn't work for me either, i was lucky to be able to do 1 war a week last season because it was always Primal wars in the time slot i could do. just throw it all against the wall and let everyone do what they want. if you want to do indi, cast for indi, if you want to do clan war, cast as a clan.....
  8. With Proposal #1 i'd see all ppl getting chances to cover TZ's if roster is made smartly.
    I believe devs intent leads to achieve that.

    Depending on the CS cap it prolly means versatility will be needed n not simply load up on huge builds only.

    Also rostering 25 ppl per war even furthers adds to the variety of rosters that will be used.
  9. Lol at immort still being butthurt over proposal 1 being round wars ๎’ just cause his clan was ๎š before primals ๎…
  10. A proposal #3 sure would be nice. I wasn't a supporter of #1, but I dread indi wars. Go back to #1, I'll deal with it. Anything is better than all indis.

    Probably what they had in mind all along to get us to support their first proposal.
  11. Problem with proposal 1 is that bfa and stacking ARE THE REASON THEY MADE PRIMALS

    How could they even propose to go back to that?

    Mcfly? Anybody home ? Think mcfly ! Think!
  12. Please allow a "report player" button during wars so that you can more effectively ban certain players from wars.

    Likewise, you should limit reporting to once per war, and if someone abuses it, they will lose the right to report.

    On another note, there is a concern I have with the no-stat alt rule. What will be the stats to make someone considered statless?

    How will you stop people from putting in big alts as spies?
  13. I just had an idea . And I'm not sure I'm necessarily In favor of this but it could work.

    Season = new format =Indy clan wars- at start of season you opt in, you are then matched with a team.

    Difference between this and Indy is the clan you are matched with at the start of season is the clan you fight with the whole season.

    This could be fun and interesting . New alliances and getting to know new people.

    Bfe on bfa off 40 spots per clan 20 spot roster each war

    Each Indy clan will have the exact same stats= fair

    Each clan must sign up within a min and a max stat range = matchups fair

    If someone is a mole or is always missing war , majority vote boots them and you can fill the spot from a pool of people who missed or didn't signup

    Prior to signup people can designate themselves as a tracker and as a war lead for even clan distribution

    If there's anyway for other people to verify like you need 10 votes to call yourself a war lead that would be good

    Thoughts comments suggestions
  14. This could work if devs make war fun or worthwhile even if you lose , as I'm sure some of our teams may be so so , but if we can gain some stuff just for participating it won't be as bad
  15. That sounds like ASW format Spil
  16. It is, but it's for the whole season

    And no bfa

    I mean people love all Star Wars

    So why not go with what works lol

    The answer is right in front of your damn faces
  18. Awesome war equip bruh thnx for the input LOL