Season 5 Proposal #2

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  1. This dude is full of crap. I war indies and primals. 9 times out of 10 indi is better matchup.

    People who don't support indi are just noobs too scared Crapless they gonna lose.

  2. Its going to be indis. 
  3. IWar is not perfect for all tiers n those that enter but they r fun in my tier at least.
    Some bugs but overall its good.

    Still not having clan wars is not good.

    Lots of time n effort has gone into war clans n a shame if a reasonable format cannot be devised for them.

    Proposal #1 was a reasonable start but still needs more reworking yet.
    The 2hr duration makes more sense for war clans IMO thought not for IWar.
    Anyone organizing war rosters gets more bang for their efforts n time.
    War Company size is questionable n i'd suggest 40 warriors.
    Keep roster at 20-25 cuz it allows more strategy n options hence fun.
    Biggest issue is war times n what that entails.
    I see it as be ready willing n able to war n not catered to interlopers warring casually.
    The Devs NEED to let WC vets to input n therefore a council be implemented.
    Allow the hardcore WC's to input ideas n hopefully it serves the majority. Why not?
    Let the ppl who want Proposal #1 work it out n invest their unbiased views for whats best.

    Q: can both Proposals not co-exist in S5?
    Q: r we to expect Proposal #3 soon?

    Give the war community more updates on what both proposals has produced n where it leads.
  4. Implement a previous Ops idea for a War Vault.
  5. Isn't it strange, that Indies were originally designed for the minority that wanted to war, but were not accepted into the warring clans, but now seems to be the style the majority vote for?
    Seems to me that, to appease the greatest number of people, Indies should become the major style of warplay, and that round and primals take a back seat.

    Not saying war clans don't have a place, but that place is where you put indies in when they first came out.

    Don't worry, between seasons, I'm sure devs will roster you a time slot.
    : D

  6. Isn't it strange ppl expect to be accepted into a war clan by right n yet too lazy to run one n solve their own problem.

    Forget the minority n help the majority.
    Run more ASW's they r the most popular.
  7. looks awesome. i will do some wars.
  8. Just give the final proposal so everybody can complain. People will nag regardless, so w/e
  9. Nighthawk, full support for ASW bro ️. Saying that, Devs, tell us something concerning the possibility of S5. Proposals are not guarantees. After two threads of ideas, a lot of players have given great feedback. By now you should have something to "work" with building S5...well I can only hope.

    Anyway, as usual, happy KAW'ing all ️
  10. Is this proposal a go? Let's get started!
  11. -_- not everyone's big enough for ASW

  12. 2 hr wars was devs cheap way of getting more xtal sales out of the 50% less participation in season 5 they are clearly expecting....even though the community told them loudly last time they had 2 hr wars we didnt want them...its all about devs and where can they make $$$ not fair or even fun gameplay
  13. All indi's is much better but I would like a primal or round indi format and at least 1 xtal in inventory to be able to cast conflict to help prevent leaks and poor performance. Also maybe do a pre season week to weed out poor performers and bans before the actual season starts and you would need to participate in pre season to be eligible for the actual season.
  14. 1. I agree with Spilatch and others that better rewards for winners AND losers will increase war participation and fun. Clan wars in Clash of Clans is a great example of this.
    Sample Proposal: Losing side gets their full mith refunded (up to max of 14), and also gets a mith payout equal to ~25-33% of what they would have gotten had they won. Also no loss of EE for losers. Including BB's in the payout and chances of xtal/seal/crux drops are also great ideas.

    2. Also, perhaps rewards should be proportional to the number of attempted actions (better attempted actions than successful actions I think). People who don't xtal will get a fewer rewards because they will have fewer actions. (Possibly also include successful defense actions into war payout.)

    3. Please respect the fact that many of us have jobs and families, but still want to participate in S5.

    4. PLEASE keep some form of clan wars. Don't destroy EE War clans' raison d'etre.

    5. Keep Indy's too. Season 4, with a 50-50 mix of both, was great.
  15. Which is why it's an ASW, only for the best of the best, strongest of the strongest
  16. What are the chances for those that are just barely on the lb to have a chance to participate in the ASW?

    I bounce around at the 9500/9100 range.
  17. It depends as to how many sign up. If it's like last year I think most if not all who signed up got in regardless of the lb rank. You might cut it close but you can always try to get in can't hurt.
  18. Here's my idea:
    -Keep War Companies: War Companies will have Rancor Level and depending of it player will get their rewards
    -War Companies need to sign for a certain amount of war each week or they will be disqualified
    -War Companies can starts special EBs that drop Pots, Inferno, Aqua and, Mith and maybe...Building Tokens
    -Those top 16 War Companies with highest Rancor Level will enter the tournament for one special piece of equip.
    -War types will be Primal Wars and Robin Round Wars
  19. What are robin round wars?
  20. Round wars. The original war system.