Season 5 Proposal #2

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  1. Speaking of majority of players, I'm kinda curious which war type the majority actually opts in to war. There's nothing wrong with primal, except for the fact that its hard to get into a clan to war in the first place. Imo indi is probably the most popular because EVERYONE can war. Doesn't matter your size. If it wasn't for indi, I wouldn't have been able to war at all the past year.
    Option 1 looks like it will be another race in the preseason to get the right team together for the season... Which means more players not warring.
  2. Medallion rewards need to stay the same. Keep s4 style ie Indi/round/primal, wars and have a closer cs grouping so a large war clans will match a large war clan the simple way to avoid mismatches is to match clans within a % of each other so for example 10%. This means new players can form teams and war example a 300mil cs roster would be matched up 30mil cs /- a 1000mil cs roster would have then be matched 100mil cs /- also think if its medallions its 1 a win all season. I warred solid till last 2 weeks and medals increased because I could war less killed my top ten chance. And I'll repeat myself a xtal buy in is needed in Indi to stop people casting alts, leaking or spamming. They won't pay 2 xtals a war for a chance to cheat!!
  3. Well less trackers and WC just means noobier wars. It doesn't actually lower your chance to win because on average you will be equally matched
  4. Just read about 20 pages can't take anymore no ones happy with either proposal. So wtf are you doing changing things s4 format % cs to avoid mismatches lets everyone war. Keep all war types keeps everyone happy keep medals 1 per win doesn't matter war type or week in the season easy job done everyone's happy!!!
  5. I'm certain people would still be unhappy with that.
    So your argument is invalid.
  6. This is an old idea, but what about including BFA into matchups and player payouts? Lol. If a sh with 50m in BFA can hit me and I pay good, why can't his BFA pay me when he is hit? Lol seems that this would eliminate the need for tiers and roster stacking... And most of ee problems.
  7. How dare you mention a system that's more stable and inviting to more kingdoms. Blasphamy.
  8. An sh needs a lot more than 50m in bfa to hit you.. You pay a max of, maybe 70m? Been awhile since i used an ssh
  9. Lemme rephrase... 50m in combined bfa stats. Not gold.
  10. These seasons are gay
  11. I support cage matches. Tap out and send the next noob in, ha!

    Kidding aside, indi provides the most fair matches. Round is the most fun so long as you're not stomped by a ssh clan. Primal is pretty fair, but matching needs tweaked.
  12. The people that vouch for INDI wars are the people with builds that aren't good enough or just not good enough to get in one of the ️good war clans! Shouldn't have to make it "fair" just because they can't get into a good clan to war with! I believe the main point of a clan at all is to go to war with people that you know and are familiar with! I disagree with only INDI wars here completely! Because with no CLAN wars, what good is a clan?

  13. As long as Devs will give much better rewards for bfe, xtals, seals...etc for season 5, I don't really mind its all rounds, all primal, all indi or mix everything.

    Not only reward winners, also give decent refund to losers.

    Only better rewards can let more ppls join EE. Means easier to have a fair match for every building.
  14. There was 5 days between proposal #1 and proposal #2. Now it's been a week since #2.

    Can we have an update please?
  15. Nope. They're going to follow through with this proposal
  16. I'll wait for confirmation of that from kaw_community thx
  17. Red Apheriun my friend 
  18. But.... I'm god

  19. Spoken like a true idiot. Season wars have always been of the same format as these indi wars...which was regular clan war. Thats what people want that style war because its not a cheat war for ps/sh. 70% of kaw is attack build yeah people are going to want a war for seasons where attack build can you know not make 250k per hit. Its actuslly quite funny but the same noobs toutibg people who cant war with junk builds (sh/ps1) wiuld be thevones sitting on the outside looking into war clans if they did season wars like seasons 1 and 2. People are always going to push for wars their build does good in...but its time we stop worryibg about the minority of builds and get back to what season 1-2 was clan or indi who cares as long as thry are fair wars to most builds and not a select few noobs