Season 5 Proposal #2

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  1. Devs fix the plunder mechs and gaps and then everyone can war happy in their clans. Problem is, it takes too many resources for little income. Where as these events are the big money spinner. This game is going down the toilet. It's not a war game anymore.
  2. Im sure there are no moles in indi as well
  3. A lot more of those war types will be attempted in a season tho as people chase rewards.

    Way I see it: noobs don't do primal or round in off season, vets don't do iwars in new season. That's exactly what'll happen.

    Hte ruined clan loyalty, now ee/indi ruins clan wars. Maybe devs should just remove clans and we have forum alliances instead like the old days.

    If we are forced to do Indi then fml. I get the noobs wanna ee, cool let em Indi. But make a bracket. A minimum number of wars (10-20) participated in since the ee origins, and a clear no violation (inactive/spam/mole)history, to be able to participate with the "vets". Without that badge/count you get stuck in the noob Indi bracket.
  4. As one that has done round wars and is a war vet i won't miss round war exploites as it's been said many times part of round wars was the roster I've been in so many one sided wars wining and losing.
    Granted indi war is a lottery on roster and I've been in some real shocking match ups Friday war as example but on the whole they have been hard fought wars with some of the closest wars with only checking history to find who has won that is the appeal of indi over round and primal
  5. iwars and exploiters (master strategist in some circles if u will) killed clan wars let's b honest here. If u take iwars away (calm down, calm down) participation in clan wars would rise, whether it b slightly or immensely. Bottom line...ppl love to war! I implore Kaw_com or the devs to pls take some time and address this thread, u have even MORE ideas and ppl giving free information (info that I am sure they could sell because most of it is that damn good) about the current state of S5. Show a little gumption and respect to your customers, how long will u allow this thread to carry on?
  6. Well iwars have only killed clan wars because they are by far the better option. While guys who are new to war try to create rosters for primals and rounds, what they are constantly met with, is a more experienced clans creating a roster with an advantage to match and destroy this newer clan. All this ever does is prevent the individuals in the clan which has just been beaten from further participating in these formats. However this is not the same with individual wars where the matches provide a seeming even competition and the end results also a lot closer thus pushing the individual to further practise and to carry on competing In this format
  8. Atm the ps is the biggest issue in the game. Ps cant be attacked and if they have gold out there is unlimited attacks as long as they have gold out and spies. A simple fix is to makr sure u have an attack and spy building to war. This is the first simple step to fixing wars but they prob wont be fixed
  9. 1) Round Wars r dead cuz simply no clans enter n its been ongoing for months.
    2) IWar is popular n all ppl can enter with no obligations or commitment or work or money.
    3) Primal War is popular but not easily noticeable when events r on or long off season break such as this one.

    all 3 formats have issues.
    War clans like organized war with friends.
    IWar is for ppl liking to use their entire build n also allows for the unorganized ppl to mooch n invites idiots of all kinds.
  10. Complete support. Ive been saying this for a while. To war a requirement must be having atleast one spy and one troop building
  11. I'd wager the majority of ppl not liking clan wars specifically Primal War do not run a war clan nor are they built to join a Primal clan.
    So of course they prefer IWar n accept its various problems. Moles inactives aside thats IWar like it or not.

    Primal War Solution is copy cat rostering.
    If u don't like it join them.
    I'm still holding out that the devs will improve Primal war to allow more variables so more builds can war. If not then a new clan war format that that counters the imbalance.
  12. Why dont the devs just limit 1 account per ip address. This will mostly eliminate moles. Also peeps that arent moles just trying to legit war a few accounts can concentrate on 1 war
  13. I wasn't saying iwars were bad, just stating before they came clan wars were the only option. Obviously a better choice of most would b a fairer option (iwars) then to keep getting discouraged (vs stacked rosters).
    Whatever is the fairest way to go I support. Would really like to c a lb for kos,,skos,,plunder,, etc...
  14. I like it
  15. People speak of moles, now during a season of indi wars..any and all who don't achieve a number of successfully hits should be banned for the rest of the season..that will stop moles and failures..
  16. Organized war clans can control rosters n avoid moles or inactives etc.
    Fix or tweak or add another war clan format idc but clan wars offer more fun IMO.
  17. Indi war not looking too good.
  18. Just leave s4 format add a buy in to stop staless/leaks/moles. Why fix what's not broken. First you over complicate things then you over simplify. S4 format all 3 war types 1 medallion a win simple
  19. Stick to s4 format please. This means there's war types for all builds s4 worked great I'd love to hear the devs reason for wanting to change wars. Add a buy in stop the statless
  20. We want something different. Not s4 all over again. We have already been through that experience.