Season 5 Proposal #2

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  1. Oh and I've led and set up 95% of all wars we have done here if not more. Just to clarify.
  2. Dont matter if he knows his stuff not gonna help if he hides when time to xstal
  3. Sorry what are you trying to say?
  4. Love you zbb 

  5. Granted Hansels are the most dominate build out there today, however if the devs want to shift the mechs or system to take this advantage away, they have every right to do so. Many sports do this, and here in Japan we have much experience with this.

    Back in the 60s when Honda entered Motocross. They quickly dominated every race. This is because Soichiro Honda was a mechanical design genius and simply made better motorcycles than the crap the Brits and Yanks were doing.
    So what did motocross do? They banned all Honda's bike innovations so the Brits and Yanks could maybe win a race or two. Was this fair to Honda? Not really. Were motocross in their rights to do so? of course they were.

    Same applies to Kaw, just because EE has been advantageous for Hansels, doesn't mean it has to keep being so. The devs can change it in whatever way they want. After all, this is kingdoms at war, not kingdoms at scouts.
  6. Turn to spilatch on this one. He's smart and went out to actually figure out how to beat rosters with mainly hansels. He rosters tanks, mid sized tanks, and mids with high sdt and only throws in 3-4 hansels.
  7. Spilatch is excellent. But we have always warred fair if others did- iwars wouldn't be on the season board.
  8. Looking through the war history I see nothing but loss after loss to PS1 rosters so what are you talking about? Literally nothing but losses to P3 & DotB PS1 rosters.
  9. Atleast it's an effort
  10. Yup lost 3X to Psy....but we still war a balanced roster. Where ppl built for war, can war. I won't cry or complain.

    You guys can say the same? Loss after loss Sora? Please.....we lose- yes. We win- yes. But we war as a clan. 52 wins/13 losses since season 4. All with mids, clannies, and friends- for 4 years....and?

    You should talk to Spil. He'll maybe teach you a thing or two 
  11. Risqué, when you talk about devin fielding a majority of hansel, you are Refering to? 10? 12? . Which I believe is not, please look to division 1 war history n browse through if you are free, division 1 will not use majority hansel to war as there is other warrior like me would be warring with them. And My respect to devin as he work hard to strike a balance between warrior build n hansel as he is also against all ps1 roster. Or unless you are telling me that pn or rawrr do not use ps1 for primal war and expect all the rest to follow. Then I have nothing to say buddy. Gd day.
  12. D1 is one of the few clans warring now. I didn't say they were fielding 10-12 like others. But tonight was 9, more than normal. D1 is an excellent war clan. I am simply imploring Devin to not fall into rostering a majority of hansel's as he did tonight.

    Lord knows there is enough of 'ego' rostering from Sylv. Don't need more clans like that
  13. You can only clarify if I asked, or care....neither of which I did or do ️
  14. If S5 is Indi wars, you've lost another player for warring.
    This is a war-veteran player that has done over 400 wars, involved in 3 seasons to boot.

    Do NOT do this choice. Poor suggestion. Keep to the clan wars.
  15. So I kissed all that butt to get into a company and now I don't need a company. That's the last straw
  16. Without enforcing xstal for casting woc you ensure leaks,moles and inactives will be present. Making it cost a xstal to cast will reduce but not eliminate it but it will get costly for moles,leaks and inactives to war. There is no excuse now since you have a chance of getting your xstal refunded.
  17. You speak as if I said they couldn't? I'm ok with whatever season 5 brings, cause we will be there and do our best. Same as always.
  18. You seem to have a personal problem, do you?
  19. Looks personal to me too Syl
  20. ^ hard to blame for ego when lackeys butt kiss for a roster spot.