Season 5 Proposal #2

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  1. I love this idea! One problem, you get banned for the season if you are inactive. It's a good idea, but I think you should be banned for 24 hours and get one more chance. There are plenty of things that can happen, so sometimes people will have to miss the war. I think a second chance would be nice.
  2. Why should devs allow ps1 primal exploit wars and not allow sh/lb round exploit wars? Only 2 solutions. 1. All indi 2. Fix exploit round wars(which would not be hard to do. Devs just dont want to)
  3. Can you guys take your pissing contest elsewhere and stay on OP?

    Arguing over the broken prestige system really isn't going to be constructive to anything lol.

    Let's face it -- indi is the best system kaw has now because of the communities abuse of the antiquated system war, and the devs for not even trying to fix the system what so ever.

    Sad really.
  4. [1] Composed entirely of Indiviual Wars
    [2] Wars are 1 Hour in duration
    [3] Wars are limited to 1 Regen
    [4] Wars have a roster size of 25 players
    [5] There is a chance to receive regens used back in the form of a Health Crystal
    [6] There will be a minimum CS required to help combat statless alts (Value TBD)
    [7] Inactive, Spamming, or abusive players in wars will be banned from the Season
    [8] Rewards will be earned using War Medallions
    [9] Winners of a war receive 3 War Medallions
    [10] Losers of a war lose 1 War Medallion
    [11] Season is 4 weeks in duration

    FULL SUPPORT to: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

    1: Rosters feel more genuinely fair towards all players when generated by the system. Indi wars ensure opportunities for ALL players to participate without need of clan/roster preparation. Other idea: create PRIMAL indi wars that creates tighter rosters based solely on raw build size stats and excluding all bfa/bfe
    2: 1 hour duration is the BEST duration because people have REAL LIVES used for paying off our KAW ADDICTION and also forcing full rosters of ANY size to use 2 xtals in a 2 hour war in order to win is expensive and unfair for a 4 week period.
    3: 1 regen (xtal) explained in 2
    4: a size of 25 or bigger even is okay with me
    6: Tighter rosters? Yes please
    7: No more bs? Yes please
    8: I warred S4 and loved the layout. As a top 100 in that season I enjoyed it
    9: please don't change (or drastically change) the medal payout or loss at the end of the season (LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO) thus cheapening our tedious efforts spending xtals and real life time winning and losing wars for three weeks, instead of cramming wars the final week.
    10. Support
    11. Support
  5. Completely new idea for people who want to war in clans:

    15 people cast on each team and the devs randomly assign each person a build in the war so each team has the same number and type of builds. Then it's a war about the skill of the clan only
  6. Indi wars is the way to go. Here are the things that would improve this proposal:
    The season should last for 2months so it's not just a super short loot pinata for no lifers & so those with a life have a chance to get enough wars in for the rewards they want. Roster size should be 10-15 so that each player has more of an impact on the outcome of the war. It's also more... realistic to organize smaller rosters with strangers.

    When the season ends all top contenders (those who achieve rancor 50 or whatever it will be this time) would be invited to participate in 3 final wars. The times for these 3 final wars would be announced in advance so that people can prepare their schedules the best they can (can't make everyone in different time zones happy but advanced warning helps a lot).

    Only players who achieve rancor 50 (or whatever the max achievement is this season) would be able to cast wave of conflict to enter these last 3 wars (the spell would fail or be disabled for others).

    Roster size would be the same as it was during the season (some rosters may need to be slightly bigger or smaller to fit everyone in). First war will be classic, then advantage, then random.

    Upgraded season rewards (and achievements) would be given to those who win these final 3 wars. The rewards would be slightly better then the season rewards (similar to the "top 10 rewards" compared to the "top 100 rewards" we see in events & could even be gold like they are in events).

    You'd receive upgraded item pieces for each of the final 3 wars won (like you got rewards from rancor 10,20,30,40,50).
  7. Only difference between indi and round is u get to pick ur clan, people only indi cuz they don't have a clan to war with,

  8. Why do 50% exploit wars when you can do 0%?
  9. Support
  10. Uh yea, that's the only difference.

  11. Thank you been saying this for months.
  12. So I can't war because I'm to small -.-
  13. this will give the most even chance to win. no clans stacking accounts(gh) with tons of bfa. this will rely on stragity durning the war. i vote yes

  14. Beat who ? Literally nobody has been warring since season 4 lol...the same 4 clans that beat you 80% of the time? Yeah thats fun...yeah lets keep exploit rosters around for the 4 clans that use them ...exploit clans that all but killed ee wars...yeah no. Everyone had amazing tankbuilds season 1,2,3 and got screwed with explouts after that...remember season 1,2 when hundreds of clans warred...not 4
  15. Then make brackets, 30M Winners
    10M-30M winners 100k - 10M Winners.
    This way smalls can war and actually play. Other wise us smalls will just stop warring. And turn into Pure EB fairies or quit, screwing up the system.
  16. I will pray and hope devs change this to regular wars like S3. Enjoy it so much and had an awesome time! Let's be fair and have so real wars such as primal :) so friends and family can war together.

  17. You're an idiot, you have four weeks if you can't grow 550kcs in four weeks with all the new boosts available then you don't deserve to be in s5
  18. In indi I'm placed wth warriors my same size bracket, round wars I place my self in clan and war same size bracket. Only difference is I chose my team mates
  19. Yes you choose a bunch of exploit builds to destroy noobs. That's what killed wars in earlier seasons. Derp....