Season 5: Pawns of the Otherworlds

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. I can't find the new equipment on my equipment page or at the Mage. What gives?
  2. Wait a while until the devs take out the rewards button in the top
  3. Found it. You have to go to the marketplace. Then buy an orb next to where the crux keys are.
  4. It's in items in ur profile
  5. Any way u guys can put a platinum gold silver bronze enhancement ring or square around the s5 crown equipment? I think it would look so much better
  6. What is next?
  7. What is next?it is gonna b event. Lol
  8. Ok so now that this little detour is over, when is the real war season gonna start? 
  9. After 2-3 weeks of waiting got a whooping 6 clans signed up for primal lmao

    Clan wars are dead .... long live indy!!!
  10. What's next devs?!
  11. My experience about the season 5.

    After a journey of 4 weeks, i managed to gather 41 medals. Thou i waz watching my self in top 100. Thanks to inactv and moles. My winning chances in season5 is around 30-35%.

    Overall i would say it was gud try to cap the expoits which is used to happen in past season.

    I would like to suggest to dev for future season, to take strict action over inactives by banning them as under;

    1. 1st time, inactive 3 day ban.
    2. 2nd time, ban for a week.
    3. 3rd time, ban for complete season.

    I also like dev to introduce to force for an crystal to participate in war.

    That's it.

    Overall season 5 waz grt. Leaving myself at a sad place for not being in top 100.

    Cheers and congratulation to all top 100 and all participants.

    Hope we meet soon in future season once agiain with better programme and rewards.
  12. I had a lot of fun this season I thought it was a gd event. The addnl loave payout for wins I believe dramatically increased participation even though many didn't xstall it clearly made for better wars. If participation had been any lower I think the gap between CR1 and CR25 would have been so large that wars would have been less fun when placed in a larger group. I felt that I was an impact player on every clan I fought with, regardless of my CR, which is good.
    I do believe inactives should have carried a larger and more stiffer penalty. Having no actions resulted in a shattered sword but perhaps a minimum involvement should have a similar result. I know many joined wars and threw up a couple SBs at some point and were inactive rest of war.. I think their should have been a penalty for these players.
    Other than that I had a blast and made many new freinds and felt I've become a much better warrer as a result. I just wish I could have fought 60 matches although I'm happy going 16-10 and my 53 medallions . The equipment has been awesome and I'm looking forward to next season. Thanks devs!!!
  13. Tons of players had shattered sword that are in top 100

    Including empire_foxygirl
  14. Warred entire season and ended up in top 100, never got a shattered sword. ️
  15. This was a good war event :)
  16. Well hello old times
  17. This thread is a graveyard. Loool
  18. As much as old wars are great to reminisce about please don't necrobump old threads.
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