Season 5: Pawns of the Otherworlds

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. More like a pool of 50 people, comprised mostly of untowered noobs. You're really competing against 5-10 other sh/drop builds.
  2. Kaw comm is on vacation  let him have his fun
  3. Rule 1 to succesfully run a company, keep your customers satisfied.

    I know I've been "whining" a lot lately but I really do hope devs realise EE is the only enjoyable part of kaw for a lot of players. Please stop neglecting all the issues and feedback and work something out - or you'll probably see a lot more people leaving.
  4. Nope, actually there are plenty of tanks with 3-4mil sdt in my bracket, which is difficult to assn through for people this size 
  5. The war you're in right now, oppo CR has 2 tanks, 1-2 battle hansels with decent towers and the rest are either PS or barely towered hybrids/hansels.
  6. Don't stop believing. In this game.

    Oooga ooga ooga chaka

    Hooked on a feeling.

    Of hope. For this game.

    Hold on to that special feeling!
  7. quoting myself. I asked the devs via the feedback is their response by pm:

    "Unfortunately we do not currently have any plans to add more variety in war times. Sorry"

    Very dissappointed to be excluded.
  8. So far the only real downside in s5 is the lag, I doubt devs/ata actually have ablitiy to run so many wars at once, so far every war has felt like outside school zone soccer mums gridlock. If Devs/ata listened and introduced more wars maybe we all wouldnt be trying to all fit into the same clown car.
  9. Wish there were more wars per day :/
  10. My war: up my 10B with 25mins to go...PS leaked 40b out and end up losing by 40b
    Alts war: Wins war and gets top actions...only gets 3 medals

    ...Having a great season
  11. 0/4--Wow, 4 wars in 2 days and as far as S5 is concerned, I might as well have not even participated...
  12. 0/4 as well but someone has to lose
    Good news is EE cannot go in da RED

    Big issue that stands out is bad luck with no WC in clans I'm placed.
    Not a complaint just an FYI is all.

    Being on iphone is no help but looks like time i suck it up n WC if none around.

    GL All n hope ur enjoying S5 
  13. After S5 ends i will post another War Format.
    I invite all to critique it in a positive manner n will monitor the thread with vigilance n form by a general consensus for all warriors wants.

    One headsup is it will be unique n ppl there saying simply No Support r of no help.
    Instead input what u see as not good only.
    Lets be a community n not at odds K.

    I have no personal war agenda other than exploring a format that a majority can live with n be fair as possible.

    Do not expect perfection but i believe i can get a more than reasonable EE war option goin.
    It will include all war Vets best ideas as the meat n potatoes n tweaks from all others to meet their concerns.

    Thx n GL n S5
  14. My PM is open for ALL ppl also.

    Give me more than EE war snippits for a format n I'll start on it PDQ.
    The more comprehensive the batter

    Thx again
  15. Can't believe that after warring for so many years, you're still unable to WC a war...

    Time to go on the driver seat buddy. 
  16. How do you opt in?
  17. Dont need to assn cause u sb them and get most actions. Also everyone knows 4 m sdt wont cut it esp when one maxed abyss is that much. You are in noob bracket. Well done. Enjoy the easy competition and never having to tank cause ur a sh. This is what the system allows so u can only do what it allows
  18. Did not get a 1 Medal for top in actions, already sent feedback but no response. Perhaps devs will check this? Also this is from war 5 earlier today.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
  19. Incorrect...I WC as needed.
    Try WC in Classic n no SS or Tracker n on the iPhone. 

    Is their a reason ppl on PC cannot do an SS and or step up also?

    I occasionally WC but 1 outta 4 wars in 2 days say a lot n how few WC's n Trackers to go around.
  20. I've a suggestion but not sure if mentioned previously as I haven't read whole thread- apologies if repeating.

    Currently rewards given for total number of actions. As we all know not all actions are equal. For example it's much easier to succeed in scout than for example a steal. In addition different actions take away a different percentage of troops or spies.

    My suggestion is weighted action scoring - needs to be based on amount of spies / troops killed doing action. Perhaps weight should also be added if confronting defence pots (I'll suggest that at the end).

    Troop attack / steal weighted as 6 actions.
    Assassination weighted as 4 actions.
    Scouts weighted as 3 actions.

    As scouts are more likely to succeed due to inability to defend using pots (unlike other actions ? Reduce to 2 actions).

    This will also better reflect war effort as it may be argued that attack/ steal / assassinations are more vital for gaining or reducing opponents plunder respectively.

    Wish you all have a great S5

    Posted for Mr_Singh. He had troubles posting himself
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