Season 5: Pawns of the Otherworlds

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. The sh hate has always been based on hating on players that simply understand wars better than those "war builds".

    Throwing up 5m adt & 10m sdt doesn't make you good at war lol. Don't blame us for your incompetence in war.

    Look at Tom, although he states he's not Tom . He ends up on top a lot. Not because he's a ssh, but because he understands ee mechanics better and is more skilled than most others in his bracket. Ofcourse the bfe&bfa helps, but last time I checked a 20mcs attack build makes A LOT more plunder than a ssh.

    Tldr; stop blaming sh's, reality is you suck at war.
  2. Devs, are we getting new war times? There is not a single accessible war time on a weekday in my timezone for those that either work a daytime job or go to school.
  3. Yah, give us something. Are you working on improvements, do you read the feedback and actually plan to do something with it? 50+ pages of feedback and not a single reply from kaw_com.

    It's tuesday, even your weekend should be over by now.
  4. Surely a war could have been put in between war 4 and war 5 for those in Australia so we get one chance to war on weekdays as stated all other times we are at work or asleep
  5. Is it possible that i agree with a Carlton supporter?
  6. Try Grepolis too
  7. Agreed
  8. Indi war seasons ?! Wow great jobs devs IT DOES NOT get more fair then this :)
  9. Is that the sound of sarcasm I hear? All Indi for Season Wars was a major fail IMO too
  10. If i lose but i got top3 in plunder, ko, and actions do i earn medallions?
  11. Hi. I tried to come into the war 15 min ago but it doesn't worked. I leaved my clan and would cast the spell of conflict but it said, that this action have no effect and i have a similar spell, but i have not! What did I do wrong? I would like to try this event... thanX
  12. As a war was already taking place you can't sign up for the following one. Eg why it said would have no effect. Look at your profile page and the war will come up you can also cast that way.
  13. ThanX for the post and help. I will try next one. 
  14. Devs thank you for this big messed up season. 4 wars are enough to make realize I don't need to waste time in this game. Thanks and bye
  15. War1 drive to work -war 2 still on work -war 3 sleep time -war 4 just get up to make breakfast for kids -war 5-6??
  16. So people complained saying round are unfair or primal are unfair and said that indi is only fair system... Now that devs listened and did all indi, you are all still complaining? I'm a SH and round war was the easiest war for me, and it was fun while it lasted but I can see it had it's problems and it needs fixing. Indi wars, at least in the lower tiers, distributes bfa very, very well and stats very well. Not a whole load of difference between cr1 and cr25 in my wars, which is good. Indi wars are very fun and much more competitive than round or primal (see pvp beasts war history lol, 90% of wars we dominated) because they are usually much closer. Won last war by 500mil and the one before that by only 250mil. For people complaining that's it's too easy as a SH - we still have to get top 3 in plunder, actions, KO's out off pool of up to 50 warriors, which in the lower tiers are predominantly sh. In my tier, there are far fewer SH only 3-4. To anyone in my tier wondering why you lose to me - most wars I have people fail bombing me with attacks or assns and it doesn't contribute anything. Even the few attacks that get through pay only 40-50m to you so you're better off focussing elsewhere, why do you think whenever you're against me, the ssh on your team stays up for pretty much whole war? Cause I know it's better for my team for them to hit people who pay lol
  17. Zs the sh dont let him ^ have spies all war.
  18. Someone should do a thread called

    Season 5 - Enjoying? Enduring? Exiting?

    At the moment I'm in the enduring camp. Can't ever see me enjoying. I am stubborn so exiting isn't for me!
  19. In the bracket below the lb, one side has twice the amount (or more than) of spies than the other side, giving us an instant loss before the war even starts. We cannot compete in plunder when we have people who cant generate any plunder, and less amount of atk builds who just get eaten by the other teams extra amount of attack builds.

    These wars are still 'estoc trials' instead of a working ee system that doesn't suck
  20. My builds done exceptional and as Tom stated cs difference is minimal between players on the roster.

    Players in my bracket don't usually win attacks on me nor assassinations. Only trade off is that I sacrifice my plunder for superior tanking abilities. And for those wondering if my attack and spy stats actually work, the answer is yes....

    Iwars are the only true way to have a fair war system without players breaking it. Only thing that would be useful is teaching some newer warriors how to sko :lol:
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