Season 5: Pawns of the Otherworlds

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. These hands cost 200 mith to purchase, 520 mith to fully enchant, for a total of 720 mith.

    I'd assume that the two rings and the trinket are also both under 1000 mith total to fully enchant. That is 4 pieces, and half of the S4 equipment released.

    On a side note, I can't wait to see what a full set of S4 equip will look like.
  2. Correct.

    A little variety in the times and lowering the reward threshold would make a lot of sense.
  3. I would still like to know what ata is gona do about ppl using more than 1 acct.also moles and inactives indy wars are terrible and now you put the equip out of reach? i know i wont get a answer
    season 5 is gona be a mess
  4. What they will do is take your money and smile.
  5. If that's fully enchanted, that's sad. My event equip of the same slot gives the same amount of total bfe and isn't even the best one you could obtain.
  6. Are the rewards rings or helms? i cant tell
  7. Where is the War Vault?
    Why not encourage more HtE in between war times n further aggravate tensions higher yet in the mad dash for quick gold for war ug's.

    Stick to ur cyber guns n keep rewards as is.
    Nothing wrong that 1 win equals 3 losses.
    Gaining or losing ground is interesting.
    Losing a war should have a price to pay its not a PvE event n should be more unique.
    Don't cave to the gimme gimme event crowd.
    Bonus rewards effectively force eb builds to either tower up or remain punching bags.
    An incentive that many dislike but does say to the weaker war builds get on it asap.
    The strat by a winning WC will determine outcomes foremost n the Trackers will show the way. I seldom if ever achieve any of the 3 rewards n am fine with those that contribute much to a win for our clan. Generally those ppl have more than earned or payed for the opportunity at that privilege.

    Lets hope IWars proves itself with higher participation than the offseason has shown.

    On to 6 Proposed War Times:

    War PDT EDT GMT SGT Sydney
    - 1 - 4am 7am 12pm 7pm 9pm
    - 2 - 8am 11am 4pm 11pm 1am
    - 3 - 12pm 3pm 8pm 3am 5am
    - 4 - 3pm 6pm 11pm 6am 8am
    - 5 - 6pm 9pm 2am 9am 11am
    - 6 - 1am 4am 9am 4pm 6pm

    Above times can adjusted slightly to suit.
    Only a quick example.
  8. That is at full enchantment, and I agree it is pretty sad stat wise. Although I like pure attack and spy attack, I think 15/0/10/0 would be more fitting for the cost.
  9. Just an observation many of y'all are missing...

    The lowest level crown gives a couple million gain over the 5k farmers equip. At second level it gives a 10mill stat gain and at level 3 a 30 million CS gain and with 100 medallions a gain of 40 million CS. Basically why this is good is because we get to keep our farmers event equip which was not freely got at 5k and up and realize gains that exceed the gains got from the pauldrons and greaves from the prior season. Next the equip is already enhanced, I can't imagine having to enhance 4 pieces of equip to level 15 that replace hard earned equip from the farmers event... I think the crown equip is a good prize, I mean really really good.
    As far as the schedule and crowns and war setup that's got sum big flaws.. I think a way to fix this is to give the 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th highest plunder,ko's and actions a token which is equal to a 1/3 of a medallion. This should reward better players and not help inactive and non xstalling moochers.. Just my 2 cents
  10. Exactly
  11. I will not be participating in s5, the equips are way too expensive in the alchemist and the payout of mith in wars is terrible. The wars are not worth the time id have to put in especially with the current rewards. If devs brought back mith sales id be happy spending the few trillion it would cost to buy one piece of equip rather than participating in this season.
  12. Im hyper critical of the devs only because i know what this game could be and i see it fallinng short of expectations

    I actually feel bad sometimes after posting wise ass comments but it just really always seems like a one way street and always the same story

    No matter how much i criticize i still always leave a little glimmer of hope that they will come through

    Its like if you have a son whos the most handsome, smartest guy in the world and he keeps messing up in life. I guess you never give up hope on your kid but when do you give up hope in the devs ?

    Fool me once shame on you

    Fool me 68 times shame on me
  13. How do you join
  14. I've had minimal interest in months, and my rewards wallet is almost dry. The game isn't worth paying for anymore, that's for sure.
  15. Dang you just Touch important mathematical stuff did you consider this S5 a loss equals you lose medallalions :( there goes my crown
  16. Hate rewards!!! We need better rewards like bb!!
  17. I like The were
    Do i Sign question xD
  18. Put ur X on da dotted line
  19. Brave yourselves... The 69 is coming
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