Season 5: Pawns of the Otherworlds

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. Chill... devs are still out in vacation on their beautiful yachts using your money. They will respond I'm sure... with more nonsense lol
  2. Well said. A couple of these easy changes will do wonders for the warring community.

    Specifically, the amount of wars. Having 8 a day will ease a lot of the concern over the reward tiers, and also help out those who are not in a US timezone. Not to mention, ATA will be making much more money off xtals, double of what they would have made for this war season.

    Another large concern has been the reward medals. A simple fix to this would be simply removing them, and increasing the payout to 4 medals for a win.
  3. 8 wars a day! Seriously who has time to war 4 a day!

    The issue isn't the number of wars...
  4. The 50m added to bfe is far less than strength you would gain overall if you skip s5 and casually hit eb over the same time especially once s5 ends and format switches back to primal war where the equipment is useless. Anyhow I'm going to give it a try. Well played devs.
  5. Actually, that is an issue. I've seen many comments on this thread regarding the timing of these current wars. By having 8 a day, everyone would have at least 5 in their time zone which they could participate in. Yes, devs could adjust the times of these 4 wars, but then they'd be inconveniencing another timezone. 8 wars a day, at 3 hour intervals, would allow everyone, from every time zone, to participate at an equal chance.

    Just because there is 8 wars per day doesn't mean you are expected to participate in all of them.
  6. The issue is the 100 plan medallion reward tier, I doubt even 100 people will make that tier. Also set goals don't belong in an EE event where the whole point is to determine which warrers r the best out there not how many people can make a set goal;nevertheless, the set goal is way too high for the amount of time given. During s4 there were more wars and double the amount of time to collect medallions and even then the #500 place in s4 had 101 medallions.

  7.  Lets be honest Here , optimistic we say 50/50 Indi, we alll now is less than that, moré of Luck to win.... Yes they prob a NEW dev that doesnt know that rewards need to be tied with a 4 week schedule, they using The 8 week rule here. They Will mess up big time The first week for most of US...
  9. Unless you have a worse build, and are a worse warrior then half the other participants, your chance of winning is higher than 50%. If you're a WC or tracker your chances of winning increase even further.
  10. I think mathematically speaking...

    S4 had 100 medals too and 100 medals ended up being too for top 100 also. But s4 was 8 weeks. Granted s4 started off with 2 medals for indi which was increased to 3 and 3 for primal and later increases to 4 - and no medal losses. Ppl in great primal clans were able to get to 100 medals easily.

    S5 is different...

    - I'm assuming like s3 and s4, medals will b increased down the line.

    - most ppl were able to get to 100 medals cuz of their primals since indi are a coin flip...gettin to 100 will b harder

    - s4 there were no medal losses which will make gettin to 100 medals harder in s5

    - it's also all indi so more ppl can get in wars and not b benched - I remember tons of times gettin benched or opting to not war cuz it was a round war format

    Prediction for top 100 will be I think 68 medals
    - this takes into consideration that medals will b increased
  11. Max of 25
  12. Don't be complating

    Complating: complaining and hating
  14. Devs struggle to balence wars for 15 man wars in top tier wars

    I've heard that 25 man wars - they do a better job

    If s5 turns out well - I foresee off season wars being 25 man wars
  15. Hope not we going to have 20 leaky hansels on our team instead of 10.
  16. With medal losses included and the insane amount of wars a day required to get where you need to be, I'm pretty certain I am out of the season. Probably 3 wars a week I could fit in with times as they are and medals set so high.
    Sorry devs work comes first. We have families to feed as well and this will only serve those lucky enough to be on a summer break.
  17. Dear devs,

    Is it possible that we can sell our old EE equipments at marketplace at 40%, 50% or 60% miths refunded ?
  18. Devs cant even provide normal rewards. Mith reward @ 100, top100&10 doesnt even get you 1 normal s4 equip. Don't expect anything from them atm, cant even set up a normal season in 12 months.

  19. Wish u all the best
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