Season 5: Pawns of the Otherworlds

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. Kaw is stupid events every when ever. When hte got released it was a big deal now it is just where the ............ did this game go like seriously listen to your consumers take their ideas and implement them don't just dig in the barrel cause you would then start sxraping it

  2. Oh my god yes, this is exactly what i thought.

    What the **** even, it's impossible to fit in lets say two wars a day!

    Not participating!!!!!!!!!
  3. I like how they make a big deal about the stupid crown having 50mcs lol. The soul reaper from the red paladin set has that much.....

    Only thing of actual worth this season is the banner but I'm sure they'll just do an eb promo with more banners that will give the same stats.
  4. Actually compared to other equipment the crowns are really powerful. I'm not 100% sure if it's a crown or a trinket but either ways it's highly powerful for those slots.
  5. According to my calculations and considering that Wars are 50/50. (Of course some ppl will win or lose more than 50% of their wars).

    If you war 1x a day with 50% chance of win or loss = ~6 medals a week
  6. I did the time conversion for my tz....1am, 6am, midday and 4pm. Nothing in prime time evening at all. That restricts participation for anyone that works or studies to a weekend only. Im pretty sure thats the same people that can afford to pay for xstals. Earning meaningful rewards are impossible by design. Bloody useless schedule again devs.
  7. Will there still be random xtal drops like there is now?
  8. According to my calculations and considering that Wars are 50/50. (Of course some ppl will win or lose more than 50% of their wars).

    If you war 1x a day with 50% chance of win or loss = ~6 medals a week & ~28 medals for season

    2x a day = ~14 medals/week & ~56 medals/season

    3x a day = ~20 medals/week & ~84 medals/season

    4x a day = ~28 medals/week & ~112 medals/season

    To hit:
    T1 rewards: war 2-3 times a week
    T2 rewards: war once a day
    T3 rewards: war 2x a day
    T4 and top 100: war 2-3x a day or 18 wars a week

    This is not including bonus medals. It appears u need to war 3-4 times a day to get 100 medals.

    I warred in s4 a lot...about 1-2 wars a day and that burned me out - remembering that there is no way in hell in doin 3-4 wars a day. Also, I calculate 1-2 wars a day would only get my ~42 medals.

    It appears that devs are using 8 week reward system from s4 for a 4 week war season. I feel that the reward tiers should 5, 12, 25, 50 medals I steal of 10, 25, 50 and 100.
  9. A question.
    Do the top plunders/ko/actions at the losing side get bonus medals?
  10. I'm not waisting my time to try for the 100 medals when that just gets ya 3rd place. Top 100 and 10 get 1st and 2nd. To much work for a piece of equip , that I can = in stats with saved xstals from wars that'll be used on ug from hte. It's like devs want wars gone. Way to waste the community time. It's bad enough wars and particapation quality has gone down extremely and no clan wars for s5 . But now this. Seriously devs whoever does your thinking for this crap you've offered us please fire them. If it's you guys please hire someone to work for you that actually can criticality think.
  11. Plus I always get involved with makin spreadsheet and tracking - it's too much for equip that you need to buy with real money

    Lol I am betting that 60 medals gets you top 100
  12. There needs to be more wars per day.
  13. They will just boost drops in last week or 2.
  14. If someone wars 4x a day - he is something special
  15. Tbo sounds like a bunch of woman on the rag in here, complain complain moan moan whine whine whine, only suck thing is rewards compared to events. Nothin is easy on this game, YOU ALL KNOW THIS!!!!
  16. Devs can count on a 1 star review from me until "season" is actually turned into a season or the reward tiers are lowered.
  17. Probably if you got 102 medals in s4 you made it in top 100. They should made it so that 10 medals was basic reward 25 is medium and 50 is high
  18. Last seasons banners look 100x Better
  19. Look-no matter you do no one will be completely happy. There are, however, a handful of common themes here that should be considered such as war times, reward tiers, etc.

    It would take an hour or 2 to discuss. Changes in some cases would be as simple as a variable change in the coding. You could double your participation that easily, and in the process shut those of us up who say you aren't listening to the community.

    If you disagree with the community, at least say so. This way we don't feel like you're ignoring us completely. Even if people don't agree with the decision, it'll be easier to take knowing you've at least given thought to our suggestions.
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