Season 5: Pawns of the Otherworlds

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. Devs, I want to personally thank you for increasing the number of wars per day and changing back the war times by 1 hour. Oh wait, duh, I was thinking S4.

    EPIC FAIL S5. :twisted:

    Have fun all. :lol:

    FYI i'm no politician seeking votes or approval i simply go with the flow S5 is n let others the likes of u use their Freudian skills n read the devs minds.

    Let us know what they think next pls

    Leak on broIWars bring it on.
  3. It literally boggles the mind lol.

    For once the community is basically at a 95-99% agreement rate in our dislike for how you've set up the season and this may be the least amount of feedback we've received back from kaw.

    You've already eliminated skill from wars for the most part now you reward selfish players AND you have fewer wars over less time to reach a goal that has zero to do with skill as Indis are 50-50 based on your team.

    I spend money on events at times to build for EE. There is literally no point doing that anymore.

    But hey congratulations on spending so much time writing up the season story! That must have taken a LOT more time than prepping the season. Your team over at ATA obviously doesn't understand war, team play, math, how to incorporate feedback, customer loyalty, and much much more.
  4. Gl to all in S5, I'll wait until S6 (if Kaw is still around)
    I might b 1 person, but time to make a stand, I don't care for the "take it or leave it" approach. U reap what u sow.

    No Indi's for Indi 
  5. Support
  6. U will not be the only one mate. I may do 1 war a week due to RL and lack of interest in this game, but my participation in the wars will be merely a change from B2B HTE :lol:
  7. Wow that banner is INSANE!
  8. Exactly.
  9. Maybe more players opt in and sleep n be inactive... gl to s5 ;)
  10. A response from kaw_com would be appreciated. Even a "we just dont care about our EE community" would be sufficient.
  11. They expect us to take a hint. :lol:

    "We don't care about our community."

    Reasons why clash is doing so well, is due to the devs releasing community requested updates and actually paying attention to who's putting the money in their pockets.

    Kinda sad,this game could have been something, if not for the sheer ineptitude the developers show towards KaW.
  12. Sadly my friend I highly doubt there will be a S6. Even the season 5 story seems to allude to this. Given the low participation in ASW, this lack of effort season, and the increased frequency of events its hard not to draw the conclusion that this game is in the milk the cash cow phase. Unfortunately ATA doesn't realize (or doesn't care) that feeding the cow and keeping it happy will make it produce more milk over the long run.
  13. I thought it was Thor for a second. Then I realized, it's not.
  14. Yawnn!!! It's the oldest trick in the book. Don't offer a lot at the beginning and then throw a few bones at the hapless consumer, so they get back to wagging their tails and thanking them for the generous 'modifications' based on 'feedback'
  15. Wat about giving moré medals depending on The Level of Estoc Edge? Like in S3 , that could help, because this is a short 4 week Event.. That means if i do 3 wars daily and win i get 9 medallions x 5= 45 week x 4 = 180 medallions lets say win ratio probably i can make around 115 .. Is gonna be hard for most to reach those levels
  16. I'm lost who quit what? My post was my point of view, honestly I don't give a damn about a silence, not my fault devs want to price **** for adults yet promote like its a kids game, what kid you know in kaw gonna be warring late at night with school starting back? why would devs want kids to war late at night in the first place??? Smh I'm gonna hate this forum ban but atleast I went out like the adult I am an not the child I'm preferred to be.
  17. Yes they Will probably affect people like S4, first weak and half, hard Work to get medallions and then they decide to give moré medallions an dont compensate people that did 24x7 The first week.. That Was a big bummer, Many stop warring after that
  18. Wake up people. It ain't an 'error' if the same script is repeated again and again. It's deliberate. It's the same reason why 'take an additional xx% off 'sells' the most in any departmental store'
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