Season 5: Pawns of the Otherworlds

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. Google? Can u relate? Add 8hrs for GMT
    FYI California is relevant is it not?
  2. Support 
  3. Ummm that's not an excuse. If ATA is taking money from everyone, it should be top of priority to cater for everyone, not preferential treatment.
  4. We want more war times ! Better timing for Australasian players. Please respond dev. Thanks.
  5. OR...

    Just post in the international timezone benchmark that most people know their offset off the top of their head so less people need to lookup google..yes...that is what gmt/utc is for.
  6. What time is war 1?

    Did u check your war schedule?
  7. Devs help me understand:
    Season 1= 12 equipment with 50 points to score to achieve all equipment.
    Season 2= 12 equipment with 50 points to achieve all equipment.
    Now season 5= 1 equipment and a banner with 100 points to score to achieve what? 1 equipment and a banner in 4 weeks?
    All the feedback provided by so many people in feedback threads gone wasted?
    The only thing good about this season is you are doing Individual wars and that's it! I knew it from day 1 that it is a waste of time and resources to provide feedback to devs coz they would still not listen to people feedback.
    I mean are u really serious? 1 equipment after like 4 weeks of non stop warring (wasting time, energy and money) for stupid powerful crown and a banner???

  8. What time is on your war schedule?


    Too lazy to click a few times?
  9. If i was lazy, i would give up asking for the devs to use gmt/utc.
  10. Not sure if it's just me or does 100 reward items mean absolutely no sleep whatsoever for 4 weeks. I've done some working out and before anyone points out that there are 28 wars a week, I KNOW. I thought 25 was a nice figure.

    I also know that the common figure for wins average for Indi is 50% but most of us who war regularly find its about 30%. So in saying that here we go.

    25 wars a week at 50% (really 30% and makes this worse) = wins 12.5 x 3 (reward items) = 37.5 per week.

    But if you lose 12.5 (50%) you have 25 per week.

    25 per week x 4 = 100 so all good. NOT.

    This means that we are kawing a minimum of 10 hours per day for four weeks. This is crazy devs.

    I really think your numbers need looking at, I have played and warred for 5 years and loved it. Btw I'm in Australasian TZ so I've been up all hours and warred. But 7 days a week 10 hrs per day is nuts to get a reward.

    US HardKaw warrers love the seasons and look forward to them please look at these figures, assess your expectations and give us a break. Time to be realistic.
  11. Win 1 Lose 1 is 2 medallions Net gain.
    So takes 100 wars with no bonuses if 50/50
    So yes 25 wars a week on average outta 28.
  12. If you want 200... And if u suck at actions, kos, plunder
    If i was lazy, i would give up asking for the devs to use gmt/utc.[/quote]

    So your war schedule is not in your TZ?
    Very strange indeed.
  14. That is to win 100 not 200 medallions.
    50 W n 50 L is 100
  15. Dawg only top 3 will get one extra for the other 22 or 12 depending on roster size will get 3.
  16. I can vOuch that once I a while everyone fell asleep when they tried too hard to take part in war. 
  17. Only people these rewards are intended are people who are literally addicted to this game

    And there are kaw addicts just like theres addicts for anything else

    Ata is enabling addicts
  18. So many complaints, so little feedback from devs.

    I don't expect anything to change. 4 wars a day, at times that suck for most TZ's. Guess we'll have to suck it up.

    Dont get me wrong I love ee, I actually play kaw for the ee part. But for the love of god devs listen to your community. NOBODY likes the current setup, change it or expect a massive failure.

    More wars so every TZ has more opportunities to war and get a decent reward out of this mess. And tbh, top 10/100 rewards are fine in events but dont use those for season 5.
  19. Yeah thanks Thal. Lmao
  20. At least add a 5th war at 3AM PDT. This would be a good timeslot for a lot of people. My math may be off but here's how this war would play out for the various TZ.

    6PM SGT - give the Ozzies a war.
    12PM GMT - midday war for non-professionals (could sneak this war in on a lunch break.
    6AM EDT - pre-work war, a bowl of mith is part of a balanced breakfast.
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