Season 5: Pawns of the Otherworlds

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. There is still a 9hr gap between two war times, can't we just get one in that gap for aus/asia players?
  2. That's the requirement to work at ATA. :lol:
  3. 6 weeks duration8 wars a day4 equip(s) one extra for each level 25/50/75/100no top 10 or top 100 not in season wars! is biased anyhow... just need one goalno bonus it will mean rouge warriors ignoring WCno -1 medal as in indi WC/trackers/inactives are random enough and also constantly new team members... etc. etc. gonna get frustrating

    the one thing missing and it's very subtle is the bond built between clannies during a season campaign this is gone and the impact of this may be greater than you think...... Ajax
  4. Say top KO's is 9, second top is 7, then next 2 people both have 5 KO's, do both of those people get the extra medal?
  5. I cant get over the fact that theres not enough days in the event to average one war a day for top rewards, and thats going undefeated.

    Mind boggling haha - what genius came up with this plan? And worse- who agreed it was a good idea?

    its completely ridiculous
  6. Few times i actually agree with u
  8. Maybe top rewards are intended for those who war more than once a day?
  9. Boo... Most boring season ever.. And 34 wins in 4 weeks is ridiculous dev ( without loses ), RIP EE 
  10. 4 weeks of war..28 total 11 wars a week..9 wins n 2 losses..100 medallions
  11. Do 44 outta 112 wars is the pace if very good. Be busy n GL lol
  12. Will inactives and 1 hit wonders be eliminated from season?
  13. I can barely do two wars a day, real life and all. :lol:

    28 days.
    28*2 = 56 wars

    Say 50% wins. That's (28*3)-28 = 56.

    So even after putting in 2h+ a day to war,hypothetically I just about cross 50.

    Which is disappointing. Sigh.
  14. It would be nice if the made the equipment have a plunder %
  15. Everyone doing 1/2 the wars is in the same boat n those that do more good on them.

    It's a 4 week race to the top for everyone.
  16. Looks good for you mate.

    Let me look at my schedule, from Australia...

    1am (sleeping)
    6am (sleeping)
    12pm (at work, could squeeze one during lunch break)
    4pm (at work)

    So nice to feel part of this War Season.
  17. Agree n cannot understand why its not 6 wars every 4hrs like in S4.
    At least around the clock wars help out others less fortunate.
  18. what is this PvP event about please post in world announcement
  19. I don't want to make bad comment, because i like the fact that is only indi war for season5 ( a big Thanks), i just want to make a suggestion, i hope it will be take in consideration even, if don't put a lot of hope in it. Whatever, my suggestion is simple, and base on one magical number :6, put 6 war everyday, and icrease the duration of season 5 to 6 week. And everyone Will be really happy :D, ps: i dont want to make a finance suggestion, but imagine with the possibilty of reaching our goal, people will put money for xtal ;), and if more people participate more money!(write by a french canadians)-17
  20. 100 medallions in the time allowed is next to impossible, i had planned to appeal my silence to give s5 a go but according to my calculations, for a shot at crown reward one can't sleep or miss a single iwar thus I'm not gonna partake, let's be realistic indy been over run with a inactives an spammers jus for a shot at an edge that has a 2 week to renew shelf life lol now devs come up with the bright idea to add a crown reward for a short heavily rigged s5 indy season
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