Season 5: Pawns of the Otherworlds

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  1. The conflict between the Red War Paladin Captain and Rancor the Razer was nearing its finale.

    The prolonged war had seen the Paladin Captain’s forces dwindle to a shadow of their former glory and numbers, while Rancor seemed to draw from an endless source of troops and power. At last, the Captain, nearly bereft of allies, found himself surrounded on all sides by Rancor and his forces, who were about to deal their final blow.

    Suddenly, the Paladin heard a voice speaking directly to his mind.

    It was a voice so alien as to be terrifying in its strangeness. It carried an unnatural intelligence and foreignness, as if it belonged to a being that had had lived long enough to see the birth and death of stars, but was only speaking in the language of man for the first time.

    In otherworldly tones bleeding with disdain and loathing, it spoke its name to the Paladin: Shagor-Ulna. It revealed to him that Rancor had sold his soul to a being from the underworld known as Hastireth. This demon was the bottomless well from which Rancor drew his immense strength and influence.

    It promised the Captain power from the other planes, beyond the wildest dreams of man. The power to defeat Rancor, the pawn of Hastireth, Shagor-Ulna’s eternal enemy.

    All it would cost him was his sanity.

    Now, both factions overflow with terrifying energy as the two otherworldly beings, unable to leave their home planes, bend the will of thousands to fight as pawns in their stead!

    Now begins the final showdown between Rancor the Razer and the Red War Paladins, between malice and madness!


    Season 5 begins on August 10th, 2015 and lasts for 4 weeks. Over the course of the season players will earn Planar Medallions through participating in individual wars and them to earn Banners, Equipment, and more at the end of the Season.

    During the season each Win will earn you 3 Planar Medallions, while each Loss will lose you 1. You will also be able to earn Bonus Planar Medallions through your war actions. The Top 3 Plunder Scores, KO's, and Total Actions will receive 1 Bonus Medallion each.

    Total Actions consists of all Successful and Failed ingoing and outgoing actions. This includes defending.

    Note: These Top 3 players of each tier are not per team, but per war.


    Wars during Season 5 will consist of Individual Wars, in the following schedule.


    Depending on the number of Planar Medallions you manage to collect during the Season you'll earn one of the following sets of rewards based on the reward chart below.

    (See the in-game Event Page for full reward details)

    Tarnished Circlets

    Equipment rewards from this Season behave differently than others, and allow you to select the preferred balance of stats. Upon completion of the Season you will be rewarded with one of the four Tarnished Circlets. Once you have this you must then purchase one of either the Kindlestone of Force, Kindlestone of Subtlety, or Kindlestone of Equilibrium gems from the store.

    These Circlets are only one level, and have no enchanting required!

    These gems will combine with your Tarnished Circlets to create the final stat item in either the Attack, Spy, or Balanced variation.

    Season 4 Equipment

    The remainder of the equipment set from Season 4 will also be available in the Alchemist for purchase. As you earn Mithril from wars you'll be able to earn these and complete your set.
  2. Interesting, I like it
  3. YES! Looks amazing!!!!!
  4. No banner???
  5. Banners start at the 100 Medallion Tier, you can see stats in the event page :)
  6. Banner is indicated in rewards.

    -Reaching 100 medallions
    -top 100
    -top 10
  7. Question: do the bonus medallions for actions/ko's/plunder go to the losing clan, or just the winning clan??

    And.......I suppose it's too late to suggest letting us cast woc in clan and have higher % chance of matching with our clanmates?
  9. The schedule is set, I would have liked to see wars every 3 hours = 8 wars per day to offset the 1 medallion lost (punitive action) but oh well
  10. Nvm didn't read lol
  11. Ermagerd sersern ferv!
  12. Top 10 Banner is 13% - overpowered, dwarfing every top 10 banner we've had this year.

    Fitting for season 5.
  13. How big will rosters be ?
  14. 25 vs 25
  15. Where do you see this?
  16. 100 medallions in 4 weeks? That's usual limit for 8 week season
  17. Event page has more information.
  18. I'm glad the war banners and equip have some huge stats. It's how war equip and rewards should be
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