Season 5: Pawns of the Otherworlds a FLUKE

Discussion in 'Wars' started by JohnWick, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Devs what is your logic behind this? Are you planning to do a cheap ass 'season' like this for 4 weeks on then 4 weeks off and slowly feed us 12 pieces of super powered equipment over the next few years, all while doing two 2 week events in between each one?

    And what kind of nonsense is pound hte nonstop and max xtal for 2 weeks to become top 10 where you get an extra 3t of bb and the best equipment, most seals, xtals, horns, elements, crux (Did I miss anything????) ..... Orrr you can do a special "season" ee war where you hit people, dont make any gold, get hit, and dont get paid in bb, sotd, elements, crux, or xtals (did i miss anything?) and you only get ONE piece of equipment and a banner, and its the exact same mith payout to top 10,100, highest tier. You NEVER do that in hte events, they always have structured rewards on everything.

    And the best equipment is limited to those who are luckiest in random indi wars. Previous season wars rewards would be open FOR ALL PLAYERS who reached the mark, not just for top 10,100. That way more than 10 people can share the best rewards for their hard work in your absurd, greedy system.

    Not to mention you go and release the other half of season 4's equipment set but its all worthless because the overall value of that much mithril is way less than waiting for another event thats just going to replace the mithril/season equipment.

    I also think I am seeing a trend with you guys.. You release the info on the season before it starts each year, knowing that it is all a load of crap, watch us complain, then boost the rewards and make everything better like it was all our idea and you catered to us, but it was your plan all along.

    My rant is over but the list goes on and on and on with you guys, you know your problems you just dont care anymore.
  2. Time to be eb fairy.

    Thank you ata.
  3. Sounds about right Ops
  4. Shhhhhh. Don't talk
  5. I'm going to compete.. been waiting a long time for this. But the first thought that crossed my mind when reading s5 thread was I should quit playing this game.

    They just don't care, people have been bringing up lots and lots of good idea's for ee, since season 1. And devs have been ignoring most of them, ending up boosting drops in last week because they failed, again.

    Events are more profitable, yes. But without any players left on this game you can't run events.
  6. Time to move on.... boring game now