Season 5 Details (Coming August 10th)

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  1. YEAHHH!!! Pretty Exited
  2. Well....wheres it @ ?
  3. Do you have to leave your clan to do the event?
  4. Yes, you do, and cast the "wave of conflict" spell before the sign up timer ends.
  5. Inactives destroying the fun of wars you should be able to kick a player who is inactive after 15min of the war ( friedrich79 ) for example
  6. Friedrich67

    wake up ur fan club misses U

    So KaW_Community u got the balls to tell us all what ATA is gonna do next?

    Can we roast marshmallows n sing songs after or before u do something other than hide?
  7. I'll bump this, last post was a mic Chk excuse me. So as stated in forum s5 post u receive 3 for a win and a potential for 6 meds if u triple crown and win. With that being said u can also 2 meds in a loss if u triple crown and lose (loss -1 3/3 categories(plunder/kos/action count) would be 3 meds for each category top 3 and -1 for the loss). Since kaw feedback never wants to answer I'll post s5 kaw forum maybe they read them who knows. I have been 2/3 and 3/3 in losing wars and 3/3 achievements in winning wars and I'm not being paid out for top 3 achievements. Not butthurt just posting this because a number of players I talk with are not getting theirs either. So just a note kaw warriors ss and pay attention to payouts and kaw pls look into missing triple crown payouts and xtra meds earned from achieving each category in a single war ok oh Ya a pm would be nice kaw I burned feedback 2 full bars 2 accts
  8. Yes I agree with meck I haven't received the correct payout for what I achieved. ..
  9. I didn't get my extra for top actions in war 6 I emailed support and they said that the system is working properly..... Thanks for the help......
  10. I believe the actions medallions are based on total actions including failed outgoing and successful defenses. I got 4 medallions in a war where I was WR#10(ish) and didn't have top 3 successfuls or KOs. I did eat a lot of fails and lemming into opponents top CR though so i can only guess that is it.
  11. Well so far 0/10 in S5 which is fine it is war after all n its 50/50 some ppl claim.

    Having a blast being forced to WC 3x on iPhone when no choice. Just luvin it.

    Good news have lost no medals yet lol

    GL All
  12. I think the rewards are a lil too high to achieve.maybe they should increase the amount for wins with that being said not doing half bad the issue is finding time durning the week. 6 wins 1 loss not too bad the to a great WC cheers RR
  13. Put ur hands back in ur pockets.

    I'm 0/10 n u don't see me askin do u?

    It's ppl like u n the crowd u all hang out in that make KaW worse n not better.
  14. And here I was thinking it was all the negative comments making kaw worse.
    Selfish players demanding everyone else share their point of view, and not letting others have an opinion.
  15. Devs please add a activity spell that you have to cast 2 mins before war ..., this will prevent slackers ..... Maybe even make a second spell to cast during war at a random time, if you fail to do either it will result in broken sword 1 day for every extra offence for a grand total of 5 days broken sword. This would get rid of all the free riders .