Season 5 Details (Coming August 10th)

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  1. After Season 5.. end the Season Estoc Edge and start with Epic Batles Season 1.
    Thank you
  2. These are still estoc trials
  4. Can you change the last reward category from total actions to total failed actions. That way tower builds and those of us that listen to wc and scout down ps and big lb knowing me will never win a scout can get a reward. I mean total failed actions as how much you absorb inc against you not actions you failed yourself.
  5. My above post is not for me personally in usually up there in plunder but fur the tower builds
  6. Oh god so many mad war clans
  7. People say WC and tracker deserve more rewards... And tell me how the system is gonna know who's doing what? Shall we just base it off of who blabs the most in cc?
  8. What a joke
  9. Whats the best build to get the most plunders
  10. Better than Waiting ......... At least we get xtal back if u win or do decent on a losing team ..... Luck of the draw
  11. What are the roster sizes?
  12. Holy crap are people really confused about the 50mill cs ring? It obviously means 50mill bfe it's not some big revolutionary realisation. Do you genuinely believe the devs are going to give people equipment with such a massive stat difference compared to everything else?? I mean 50m BFE is pretty big on it's own but like 50mill to your cs, there's no way they'd do that.
  13. No support devs trying to save a failing game
  14. Happy it's indi wars !
  15. Woohoo! Sounds like fun. Let's party 
  16. Sounds fun, but isn't this essentially just an event