Season 5 - Ajax

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  1. Half support this, I can't give it full support because there's no longer any randomisation in matches between clan wars. Every war clan rosters to match a specific team.

    Also these ones who do that are the ones keeping those who do want to war and have built to try war out, elitism is a bigger issue in that. Even I struggle to find a war clan to war from, my build is built for it but it's not that specific build they are looking for, the more they say no to people the less likely they are to get people wanting to war with them
  2. No support to more equips already enough in the game anyway and that crown is nice support the rest of it especially top 10/100.
  3. Devs dont care for ee. They kill every fun part of it. First hs then the gh/sh. Now they are done with that clans are there next target warclans will be destroyed and the last fun is gone too. Awesome job done . Think this will be end of my kaw days after playing 2 years very active to barely getting online.
  4. Rikki, a large part of it is the clannies that you have. I joined Warlor a while ago, and I feel confident that if there were round wars, and I wanted to do them, they'd find a way for me to participate. They're the best group I've ever chilled with in KaW... Find a good large clan, and settle down with them. Clans like DotB, while they will win most wars, they will be incredibly picky.
    I just don't want to deal with elitist pricks... And neither do you, probably.
  5. Support... Devs just looking for an easy way out
  6. Support for this it will make all warriors try harder and try to work as a team
  7. With the first war in a few hours it's sad to see there are no changes. A change to war rewards would be a far better solution than changing the event rewards but either way they need to make war profitable.
  8. What bugs me the most is that 100, top 100&top 10 all get the same 1k mith payout.

    1k mith doesn't get you anywhere near one of the better new s4 equip, except for the equip nobody wants; rings, boots etc.

    Devs dont seem to understand people spending a lot in events etc do so to get an advantage over other people in wars/osw. Why would people keep spending if EE hardly gets any attention from devs.

    My best guess is that if devs dont change the rewards/reward tiers/amount of wars, S5 is going to be a joke & it'll just make more people quit.

    EE wars were thriving in S1&S2. Devs failed to listen to ANY input whatsoever from their ee community and loads and loads of the better EE players decided to quit, including me. Came back after a year just to realise devs didn't learn from their mistakes and still wont listen to their community.
  9. Good to see your still about Ajax and support
  10. 4 days to goonly 78 warriors @100any fresh perspectives
  11. 100th is @94 n only 2 wins away.

    Once get to 100 its pointless to risk losing.
    Top 10 is @146 n safe to go for the glory.
  12. Support S5 turning into a nightmare
  13. Watch the ps get stripped as people get desperate 
  14. Season 5 is almost over. I did almost 3 wars each day and still not 100 medals yet.
    It's all pot luck!

    U have good chances of winning if:
    - U get lesser leak builds,
    - ppl follow WC
    - use xtals,
    - PS hide allies before war,
    - no inactives in war
    - deliberately throwing the war

    In advantage war, it's mostly about who get more plunder at start and turtle. If u have more PS and hansle on your side, your loss is guaranteed unless your WC pulls a frog outta hat 

    Season 5 has been mostly disappointing. I was surprised when I first saw the reward given out for 4 weeks of warring. As most KAW veterans say this game is now "kingdoms at EB" when u see the rewards for spending more money on EB's are far greater than warring. -1 medals for loosing was a big turn off. People including me have been on loosing streaks several times but never give up because of our resilience and love for this game but most of the new warriors who tried these wars backed off. Can't believe we had only 4 wars each day where as previous seasons we had more wars and the rewards were up to 6 equipments. It felt that devs wanted to just get this season out of their way and focus more on making money through EB promos.

    This time at least devs did not increase the medals payout at the end of the season.

    I see this game dying soon, it's very unfortunate but that's the way it is. Devs focus is on minting money but they don't realise is it will die soon, if they continue in this manner. My two cents. ️