Season 5 - Ajax

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  1. Jax you couldn't have said it better... ATA hope you decide to read the thread thoroughly ... What happened to a good ole' clan war
  2. Support

    That's a really good point about top 10 and 100

    This really shows that there are experienced people here that devs can draw ideas from if they wanted to...if you want to make a great season, work with those who have experience warring.

    Also like that people who have been arguing for days on other threads are in agreement here.
  3. All the clans abusing of the system to their advantage by stacking for an easy win both in primal and round has led to devs making s5 all indi and then players complain about a no clan bond.
  4. ...and?
  5. Support!
    Minimum mithril drops for loosing side.
  6. Nice Shattered Sword
    No abuse there huh

    SH - Shattered Hansel
  7. Support only ppl spending ton of $$$ with better builts will be top not fair to mid and below 
  8. Support.
  9. Support!
  10. SUPPORT
  11. support 
  12. Support shattered sword should be for remainder of S5 and removal of all medals won to date.