Season 5 - Ajax

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  1. Look devs! Jax put 15 minutes effort in and came up with a better proposal than you managed in 12 months.

  2. Support
  3. I feel like ppl only ever support these cuz they aren't made by the devs. It's a competition top ranks are always gonna be there
  4. Top ppl r anyone that wars n wins the most.
    LB on down all in the same boat.
    War more n up ur chances to win more.
  5. Mmmm. Mods removed some other guy and I's comment about Frog and Ashes forum ban. How strange.
  6. Full support for this
  7. Let's hope they listen to you Jax coz the truth is the Devs have failed to listen to others.

  9. Have to agree with all these suggestions.
    The extra medals and short period combined with a lack of incentive will kill this season before it starts for anyone with a job.
    The extra medals will definitely provoke in fighting rather than teamwork.
    Top 10 / 100 ?? Is this just another event or war season? Scrap it.
  10. Idk why there is Top 10/100 either.

    The fact there is Individual rewards in a war clan is an oxymoron to begin with.
    Idc about individual rewards at all til some goof starts bragging about winning them.
    I'll be the 1st to say yup it was all u n the rest of us r grateful U carried us on your back. Otherwise the humble go about their biz n I'm cool with that.

    Lastly i suggest all ppl going rogue for bonuses be posted on a S5 thread named Da Selfish
    Brand those that deserve it n grats to those who warred to win n won rewards. GL ALL
  11. Support, way better than how S5 is right now. How it is now sucks ass.
  12. Fully disagree with having to constantly chase a rank. Give us a goal to chase and more of us will work harder for it. I personally will not even bother chasing top 500-10. It's too much work for very little reward. And requires more scheduled wars per day for me to even be able to complete or participate in one war.
  13. Support jax ️