Season 5 - Ajax

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  1. 6 weeks duration8 wars a day4 equip(s) one extra for each level 25/50/75/100no top 10 or top 100 not in season wars! is biased anyhow... just need one goalno bonus it will mean rogue warriors ignoring WCno -1 medal as in indi WC/trackers/inactives are random enough and also constantly new team members... etc. etc. gonna get frustrating

    the one thing missing and it's very subtle is the bond built between clannies during a season campaign this is gone and the impact of this may be greater than you think...... Ajax

    4 days to goonly 78 warriors @100any fresh perspectives
  2. no qualms supporting this but devs try and at least acknowledge problem surrounding inactives and listen to community suggestions especially if your willing to adopt ideas like ajax's or similiar into s5, theres still time.....or maybe still hope as well or then again maybe not smh....guess we will see soon enough
  3. Support no top plunder bonus, and -1
  4. Did you say my name
  5. get your support on ppl
  6. Support Op. These suggestions would improve S5 wars and be fairer.

  7. 0.o Silph
  8. support
  9. If IWar is 50/50 as claimed then everyone will win/lose the same proportional amount of medallions given wars played be it lots or little. Net gain is 2 medals for 2 wars
    The rewards will be for all tiers.
    More active warriors have better chances to hit top reward tiers.
  10. Support. Jax knows how to war.
  11. Support Op

  12. 
  13. I fear its too late for changes now.

    Support for S6 n sooner than in 12mths.