Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List [Updated wk8wr16]

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  1. Agreed panda. Small ideas can become huge with just a little work.
  2. Read the whole list and was surprised by all the inactives or lates, especially all the people i saw that i sometimes war with. Keep up the good work. SUPPORT
  3. I think the person who made this only looks at the first impression because me being no80 (i name changed) was very good at war and was inactive a couple wars and no353 was the guy i respected the most in this whole game who was always there for everyone and helped everyone get a clan to war in and helped out so many people who are now bigger than him and some may have quit. I personally think the story is good but the people inactive over 3 times is a disgrace. Some people have an excuse but it is true like me the first event of this 2 months of events i was inactive because of my grandad having a heart attack. Some people did not believe in me and i did not know why because every other war i have showed some skill and i personally say 80% of my wars i have been in top 5 plunderers and 20% im top plunderer. So some people have an excuse and they could be telling the truth and might feel depressed because no one believed him/her and just want to strip and farm. I have experience in wars since s2 and i name changed so no one believed me. I remember the days when zaft had not lost a war at all. I remember Divinum Furorem was a really good clan and so was Division 1. I had hosted wars at my own clan and won all of them. I dont think this is a good idea making everyone look bad due to bad luck or first impressions.
  4. *History Mode activated* No idea if someone already said that at 57 pages but:

    The "legendary" damocles from ryse never existed. He wasnt a General. He was a figure used in a old single moral anecdote. Only the damocles sword was used later in the Roman empire. Google facts instead of using inaccurate game infos.
  5. Firstly it's not Damocles sword, it's the Sword of Damocles. Secondly the story of the Sword of Damocles isn't even relevant other than both containing the word Damocles. Lastly if you want to be a smart ass, make sure you are smart enough to know the stuff without googling.
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    im kidding >.>
  7. Distant- You do not help in war. You merely clutter cc with your insistent belly aching. You go for plunder and disregard wc. This is sad
  8. Ok sword of damocles.
    So you want to tell me that you never looked something up at Google? Sure you can read books but if they are not available at the Moment you need other methods. In our modern times Google is part of learning and i said that just because i could bet that he searched the ryse wiki for the full story (with Google). I knew about the story since i played ryse myself (long ago) and i couldnt remember all details, so i looked it up to be sure. And this thread was resurrected not long ago, so i didnt knee about it before.
  9. None of that post justifies the comparison between the Ryse story and the Sword of Damocles. The story about the sword of Damocles is to never judge a person until you walk a mile in their shoes, and in no way can be compared to the Ryse story other than sharing a common name.
  10. Just like the person in the thread first impressions you threaten to farm me in pm because i tell my up times and who is low. So far i think i have been in more ll wars than you and more indis. More wars totally have u ever been in a 100v100? And you think i clutter cc? You dont know the first thing about me i listen to wc and if i cant successfully hit my target over 5 times i go to the next target or the person who is low in cc. Correct me if you ever become better than me. This is real sad.
  12. ^ he calls people noobs but has a quoting fail :lol:

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  14. How about start a new thread instead of continuously bumping one from 2 years ago ?
  15. bump for someone who doesnt know damocles list
  16. OMG lol almost every warrior is in the list xD
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