Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List [Updated wk8wr16]

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  1. Wow that's a big list of inactives in war lol I was never inactive in season 1 or 2
    If think you not gonna be 100% in war is better not to join then you are not letting all your clan mates down
  2. Sweet now I can track thoes gppl
    Who screw my wars pls set it up so we can ad to list only you can take off
  3. Show some love to the ASW in actives as well!!


    Run them down!
  4. let's reopen this bad boy for offseason inactives and moles since it seems to be a hot topic today.
  5. wow. nice bump. i wasn't around for this. that is quite a list. :lol:
  6. also due to the nature of Indy Wars please post a screenshot of the offender using the war results page as the clans are disbanded afterwards.
  7. I'm surprised devs haven't locked this on the same premise as farming pvp opt outs.
  8. opting out of PvP is entirely different than casting for war and being inactive purposely. and I'm not talking about the emergencies or the legitimate reasons. I'm talking about the habitual offenders.
  9. Idk this list is already so long...

    How about a new thread all together for the new year?
  10. Totally Support that Idea Karma
  11. What a dumb list. Nobody is going to read that all anyways
  12. Ill see what we can do, new list i mean
  13. Cool, a list all for me..... it's for me right?



  14. Sounds like someone who will be on the list.
  15. Strange how this list is allowed but posting the opt out list gets you banned.
  16. Revamp and clean it up.
  17. Yet my accounts were banned for posting the opt out list :lol:
  18. 1 year anniversary!
    Looking back. This was one of the most difficult thing in almost 6 years playing. The compiling. The talking and back channeling with clan admins and owners every single war to punish inactives.
    Back then war inactives were a dime a dozen. And good dedicated players couldnt compete against full active rosters because of either irresponsible, trolls or the accidental distracted player. I was back then looking forward to continuing this work but devs gave a great help hand by creating the broken sword spell thus freeing me of this responsibility.

    So i speak to you player. This started as a way to help clans and it evolved into a dev controlled function. No matter how silly your idea may sound. Chances are it can be great for the community. So take your ideas to forum and develop them