Season 3 Inactives- The Damocles List [Updated wk8wr16]

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    If u havent added -Mrwhyhitme- in list do so from natural born guild hansel
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    Mrwhtwhyme is damocles 478 and hes been imactive twice this week at wingless angels war 1 and NBGH war 9
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    updated to war 10

    572- ___MightyReds____ future of kaw wk8wr10 player decided on his own not to war this one

    573- -x-bubbaray-x- future of kaw wk8wr10

    574- _Parker_ Owwn wk8wr10

    575- -OW_Dievexed_WN- repeat offender 3rd time 450

    576- dRuNKenGoDDesS the chosen militia wk8wr10

    577-illlllilil_C4M4R6U8_lilillllli the sweet escape wk8wr10

    578- Matty-Chill and his alt Matty-Chilled both inactive @ Frenzy wk8wr10 repeat offender 465 3 times and wit his alt is 4 YOU SUCK



    581- lllMlllAlllRlllTlllIlllNlll S.O.T.R.A Folkvangr wkwr10 player came forward to me and admitted his inactivity, his internet went down

    582- Sonder natural born guild hansels wk8wr10 late arrival, i took ss of him unmithed already at 30 min clock, he arrived late, end of story

    583- Jack_the_Cheese_Ripper I-N-S-U-R-G-E-N-C-E wk8wr10

    584 IlINlII-lIlBIlI-lIlGIlI-IllHIl natural born guild hansels wk8wr10 late arrival , unmithed when took ss mid war
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    Panda I'm 364 then inactive week 8 war 12 PA v SOTRA
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    updated to war 13

    the list is now up to 600 names, when i began this list i only dared imagine 400 names, and friends told me it wasnt gonna happen, but by GOD!, 600!! with so many good players looking for war clans, im sure even using weird builds wouldve been much better than having inactives.

    585- CarIa rebellious pride wk8wr11

    586- Vass division 1 wk8wr11

    587- Xx_The_Monkey_Man_xX natural born guild hansels wk8wr11

    588- II-Tyger_Lilly-II W.P.A wk8wr11

    589- advisory also known as 68 3 rd time

    590- SotUW__Haiyan__SotUW spartans of the under world wk8wr12( i think hes here before, need to check)

    591- ronmclovin also known as 364 2nd time

    592- Silver_Bullet s.o.t.r.a folkvangr wk8wr12

    593- -75- future of kaw wk8wr12

    594- evil_rising also know as damocles 440

    595- IIIIIIIllIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIllIl W.P.A wk8wr12 late arrival, unmithed 17 mins into the match

    596- _Diavolo_ perkutut army wk8wr12 late arrival umithed ss taken at 18 mins

    597- ThePredator w.p.a wk8wr13

    598- ThePredator future of kaw wk8wr13

    599- llxII_MlNAS-xXx-MORGUL_IIxIl Faith battleground wk8wr13 late arrival

    600- IDIlGIlUlIEIlRllIllLIILIlAlISI future of kaw wk8wr13 late arrival, he even laughed at it on my wall, no respect
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    What's the deal with 597 and 598?
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    Most likely forgot copy paste. Ew name sighs, ill check again
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    Will update damocles list in 7 hrs when i get home. Congrats to all players who achieved their goals of rancor. The list aint over and the after report of the season is soon to come.
  9. updated to war 16

    gotta hand it to Advisory for getting to more inactivities in a single day and ending with 5 inactives, why would those clans let him cast is beyond me

    anyway, heres the latest updated list, the damocles ended with a bang, now im gonna compile the list to make a top inactives in season 3, stay tuned

    601- WordsOfWisdom xXx_miths_xXx wk8wr14

    602- iPoIle xXx_miths_xXx wk8wr14

    603- Holydarkblade also repeat offender pardon player 4 and damocles 208

    604- --swag also known as 372 late arrival

    605- Newland_CASJ deadend wk8wr14

    606- Mikayla3 Fazenda wk8wr14

    607- vX-_-ICEBOX-_-Xv warlor wk8wr14

    608- advisory also known as damocles 68 5th time 5th TIME!

    609- IllII-_Mjolnir_Reaper_-IIllI also known as damocles 401

    610- Frostmourne25 formidable fortresss wk8wr14

    611- ____IllXx_wARRiORJaM_xXIll____ chornos HQ wk8wr15

    612- dantae7-ggg also known as damocles 34 2nd time

    613- NASTY_NATIV3 steal elite war wk8wr15

    614- State_Courts-OoOSOoOGOoOROBOoO iw war wk8wr15

    615- Heavenly-Warrior iw war wk8wr15

    616- -_-AK_o0OOO0o_B_o0OOO0o_AR-_- iw war wk8wr15

    617- IlIlIl-Linkin-lIlIlI -empire rising- wk8wr15

    618- campt also known as damocles 250

    619- IlSlPII-Nelsonator_420-IlSlPII -wtf- wk8wr15

    620- Tyrr-Goddess-of-Justice 5 min late arrival according to plyaer la resistance wk8wr15

    621- Gladiatorial-Megatron future of kaw wk8wr15 late arrival ss taken 35 mins into hour

    622- longbow27 deadend wk8wr16

    623- Desired_Effects ghost legion wk8wr16

    624- xXllx_____Mr-_-MuRd3r___xXIIx keepers of the forbidden realm wk8wr16

    625- IW-1_____1-ChRiS-1_____1-IW -bringers-of-ragnarok- wk8wr16

    626- lllGlllAlllNlllJlllAlll natural born guild hansels wk8wr16

    627- bobmonkey2000 the chosen militia wk8wr16 late arrival unmithed 20 mins in

    628- Mr_Tubs udder madness wk8wr16 late arrival, unmithed 21 mins in
  10. This is quite the list you have created panda. Lol at some of the images you have put up.
  11. Do I get an achievement of having the best picture?

  12. lol, we could have a vote, but i now need to make one for advisory, he did get 2 inactivities last day of season, talk about joyriding wars
  13. might as well bump it so others can see, im getting pms of players asking about their mercs and if they were in the list or not, and although i appreciate it, it might be easier for you guys to see it yourselves. as the thread has now become a bit difficult to find.

    if you are reading this from active topics, know you can find this thread on forums~ wars~

    also to clear something else, i am NOT doing a chaos wars damocles list, i will however return doing the list for season 4

    happy kawing
  14. my alt

    My alt 1n7h3g4m3 is inactive I have no way to access it
  15. Oh yeah I remember being inactive on that
  16. #537 reppin'!
  17. This is dang near a list of everyone who participated in the wars lmao. In other words, everyone has lives and things happen to the best of us:) Tho there are a bunch of repeat no shows.
  18. Pshhh lies :D i was never on there nor was most of AoC except a few mercs. This list got panda vk so great job bro