Season 2 - Week 1: Recap

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  1. Devs, I posted earlier on this thread about the Guild Hansel exploit, and my sentiment has been echoed several times by various other leaders on this very thread.

    Others on this thread who don't want the GH problem changed (for their own selfish gains) have muddled the issue to the point where a casual observer might get confused. Make no mistake, the issue is not that guild Hansels are able to hit high on the roster. The exploit is that the guild Hansels pay such a disproportionate amount of plunder.

    What seems to be the overwhelming agreed upon solution is that all builds should pay a minimum of 30 million when they are hit. This still gives the guild Hansels a definite advantage. They are smaller builds, and deserve to pay out less plunder. While maintaining a small advantage, this changes the wars so that it is not insurmountable. Again, it is ridiculous that any build should hit a build for 50 mil and get hit for 2 mil. This is the same exploit that the tower builds were in first season. Yes, it's available for everybody, but so were the tower builds. Both of which clearly exploit the mechanics.

    This change only makes it so that the outcome is not determined solely by the matchup, the issue that this thread is trying to fix.
  2. Great point but should've implemented changes during the test wars

    Season II has started and builds were based off what worked during The Catechism Wars. We adapted to what worked under deb's set mechanics. Now you want more changes after the season has started and rosters were built around the trial wars.

    Too bad so sad save your issues for Season III
  3. Your build does not indicate how much money you spend here. Just an FYI to those that are claiming bigger builds spend more money because my cc begs to differ.
  4. Oh little Minas wait till your clan gets does nice gh mismatches. Going to be the first ones whining 
  5. Yeah, let's punish the little guys because the big guys don't have adt lol ever think the "disproportinate plunder" is due to the disproportinate size advantage? Bottomline, get adt, it helps. You say you have some but theyre still gettin thru? Thats because your bfe &/or bfe sucks while that gh has invested time to improve his. Yes, deal with it, adapt & overcome, quit beggin the devs to do it for you.
  6. Agrees with minus lol
  7. We have had our asses kicked hard in previous wars. We like to say that the opponent had a better strategy and better teamwork, not blame it on builds or plunder.
  8. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL This has become a very intelllegent conversation. Nooooot
  9. Lmfao watever dude from mm if u think ur not skirting the system using the builds then any fix devs do shouldn't hurt u at all

    FYI it's not just about the overwhelming plunder differential it's about the way a build such as gh effects the current matchup system

    Ur build is worth the same as any hansel up to 8 mill cs yet because of the lack of cs u show u count for next to nothing in the matchups because of that ur tops get to be much larger then the clans u face giving u a double advantage none more apparent then with the roster rh uses ...

    It's a fact it's an issue and one we all were promised as late as week 11 of testing that would be dealt with ... We didn't set rosters that way because we were promised a fix and because most of us find it disgusting to use such cheap tactics to skew a ee match
  10. Cheap tactics really…

    How about we use winning strategy instead. Like I've already pointed out changes should have been made during test wars.

    Don't like the mechanics then go hit an eb and stop your whining
  11. Using a mechanics failure is in no way strategy and that u would even say that proves just how intelligent u are
  12. And yeah it should have been fixed weeks ago as PROMISED BY THE DEVS .. Wat do u think we are all in a huff about now?
  13. That kind of "stop your whining" mentality is exactly what is wrong with these forums. Those who are exploiting the system obviously don't want there to be a change in the mechanics. I, for one, strongly advocate for this guild hansel exploit to be stopped to make wars more fun for all, which increases participation, helping players and Devs alike. Your attitude that those voicing solutions and discontentment are "whiners" is a terrible, unproductive one, and this is not the place for it. If you would like to continue this conversation, feel free to PM me, as non-constructive arguments don't belong on this thread.
  14. A mechanics failure lol…

    You mad bro? If it was a true mechanics failure do you not think it would have been fixed during test wars. The only issue I see is that you genius mid build players want the same plunder hitting a GH as you would hitting within your size build…

    That sounds great to me really let's make the smallest cs build pay like they are 10mil cs its pure brilliance you sir are a genius
  15. With the current set up either u go in gh or 14 mill cs there is no room in ee for anything inbetween as long as clans are aloud to take advantage of the system in this way ... Are we really telling that many customers so sorry u can't war because ull get ur butt whooped by an account that costs pennies compared to Urs ? With only upsides and no down? Every build besides gh has a counter either to its build directly or a downside indirectly except gh I see why u defend it so adamantly I do but fact still remains its wat causes so much issues with the system in a multitude of ways
  16. Can you please at least put the correct gmt time for war 10? Thank you 
  17. There are multiple ways to deal with a gh, lots of ways actually, if you become a gh and war for awhile you will see your weakness. To the people referring to us as using the gh to nerf our match ups.. Lol

    We do not throw in leaderboard players to make up for our loss in stats, we use any builds that are available for war. We just choose them to our advantages, is choosing builds to your advantages bad? I would say no, however if the devs think that gh are bad for EEwars then let them change it. We will change our build accordingly for season 3. But even the worst of the whiners have to accept that the time to change it was during the test wars.

    We have adapted for what the devs set up, if you look even deeper into our war history you'll see that we started winning quite often near the END of the test wars, yes, when we adapted for season 2.
  18. MWâr Council Official Response

    We have taken the time to compile the responses of our members to ensure our points are clear and concise.

    MWar are keen and avid EE warriors and whilst we supported the boycott of war 10, in general we don't experience too many unfair matchups. However, we support the rest of the community and recognise that something needs to be done to alleviate concerns of all EE warriors.

    Many concerns were raised at the end of season 1 mostly centred on the GH exploit. The devs have tried a numerous ways to combat this, but all have been met with their own inherent issues. However, the community have continued to provide ideas on how to combat this issue such as raising the amount generated when hitting a GH and significantly lowering the amount plundered during war when a GH hits.

    An alternative would be to drastically change the burn levels both when hitting significantly larger or smaller targets. On this issue we feel the devs have let the community down. After trying several different approaches we feel you gave up. The GH concern has been around for months and needs addressing, not ignoring. Please for the sake of future EE wars listen to your community and work towards as solution.

    We have recently seen a rise in LB/GH stacking in clans. Once again the devs had previously addressed and combated this issue with their matching algorithm only to backtrack and allow it to happen again. We ask the question of why? If this is allowed to continue you will see many clans quitting EE wars, again taking the war out of a war game. We applaud the devs for introducing EE wars; intense, high action war during specific times which can be planned for. This meant many could continue to war without dramatically affecting their real lives. We do not wish to see EE wars dwindle by the wayside, and therefore ask that something is done to address the concept of stacking. Once again the community have advanced several suggestions on how this can be done. please reintroduce no match for teams that are clearly unbalanced in comparison to the closest opposition team.

    In addition we advocate the notion of bfa capping during war only. We feel that the 300 mil CS mark would be more than reasonable. The reason for this is simple, as players move progressively further up the ally LB the differential between players bfa significantly increases. This may also help with GH issues - where players with high bfa have decided to exploit the system by going GH.

    Please note we only advocate this change for EE wars.

    BfA should also be locked at matchup. We are not saying players can't bank in allies, we all need to do this. The deliberate manipulation of Bfa prior and post match up needs to stop. We have all seen it in particular unnamed clans where an individual will move in excess of 3 or 4 places in the clan roster (we were shocked to note a CR change of no less than 12 places once). We as a community have all raised these when we noted them to the devs to be met by silence and the obligatory "we will look into it". The simple and effective solution is to lock at matchup, plain and simple. Allies purchased after this point will not affect war. Some have also put forward the notion of preventing ally sales from occurring, for the 1 or 2 hrs of war plus the prep time is not an unfeasible option, for obvious reasons.

    These are the main flaws with the current EE war system and suggestions of ways it could be improved. In addition we have several concepts on how participation may be encouraged:

    • We would like to advance the notion of increased plunder for a successful assassination Ko and reducing the plunder for a scout ko. This would help us to recognise the importance of hansels in war and reduce these wars from being a scouting fest.

    • Remove the VP eb, simply reinstate the mith cast or a percentage. Many here have asked for about 75% however realistically 50% we feel would be appropriate as its a gamble we take when casting additional spells, surplus to those specifically required to war. Whilst we appreciate the gesture and good will of introducing the vp eb, we feel it is counterproductive following a loss as it limits a losing teams overall ability to generate income for replenishing pots, saving for mith, allies etc, not to mention it stops otherwise hyperactive members hitting ebs unless leaving the clan to do so... Not great for team morale, when morale may already be low from a loss. By all means retain it for no matches as a means to appease others, but allowing the whole clan to hit to generate plunder (just make it harder) as a result only those with woc cast will receive the 11-14 mith as a goodwill gesture

    • A lot of discussion has centred on bfe, however with the introduction of newer ebs, this is no longer the concern many thought it was. Excellent equipment can be obtained relatively easy in comparison to bfa and build cs, just look at some of the awesome equipment some pure eb only players have. No denying if you have it, you have taken a little extra time out to hunt for it, and you deserve to be able to benefit from it.

    • We understand the majority of your players are based within the US time zones, however, Kaw is an international game, and more war friendly EE wars, especially for United Kingdom/European times and the Asia/pacific region would be appreciated.

    If some of the above were introduced, you could remove the dtw/dts mechanic and enable players to hit all others. Whether they are successful or not is a different story, but players should know their build enough to know who is a suitable target. This also enables a player to sko when under heavy attack/low troops with the possibility of earning plunder, small though it may be.

    • Old gripes still plaguing the EE wars are the inability to quickly identify players of the same name on idevices, some have requested that you enable clicking on names in cc to identify the player or stating CR alongside players.

    • Decrease the amount of prestige lost for a loss. It simply doesn't make sense. Although we know you often reset it, it is a constant bugbear to receive the notification stating you've lost more prestige from losing one war than you've gained from winning three. Wheres the logic in that?

    • Some put forth the idea of having Edge non expiring spell that doesn't drop in value if a team loses a war, however a loss of 1 level for leaving your team could be considered. Bring back the clan unity and loyalty.

    • Introduce rare random war rewards, spoils of the war if you like. Consider mith, aqua, inferno, treasure, ally spots, the elusive seal, xstals, etc.... It would be great, most of us already have equip, but getting a drop is always fun

    As a means forward we would strongly suggest that devs create a discussion group with the leaders of the top 50 or so EE warring clans to discuss concepts.

    Thank you for reading our input and we look forward to your response.
  19. Thanks for the feedback everyone. We are still reading all the posts coming in on this topic.
  20. Simplest solution is usually the best, right? Simply put, getting rid of EE wars would be the best solution for all involved. bring back 48 hour/24 hour/12 hour wars that pay out mith.
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