search button for ebs

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  1. How dose that relate to anything?
  2. And by the way my name is not from Disney so if you think that you need a pop culture test
  3. I tried to read OP, I really did. But all I could think about was "If I tried to high five you, wouldn't you pass through me?".
  4. You watch forums for a chance to troll.
  5. I think there should be a filter for each eb.
  6. Support and bump 
  7. High support. Whenever I look through active events all I see is HTE. Plus, usually when I'm looking for a specific uncommon eb I definitely will never find it that way.
  8. Support with slight modification; Forget typing in eb name, use drop down menu like current eb selection to filter results.
  9. I'm still working out flaws and all like I'm debating on a feature to add additional info to narrow down search results
  10. No lol but that's besides the point
  11. If it ever gets revamped. Then IMO it should be listed under tabs similar to how eb battle records are. Except instead of showing fastest times. It Shows all the clans specifically running that eb.
  12. Idk I can consider it
  13. Can you please consider giving me 2000 silver bars please?
  14. No
  15. This isn't just your idea :lol: The whole point of posting in forums is to get help from the community on an idea that benefits the game.
  16. Ik ik but some the holes people poke in theads is a pain i mean I'm open to suggestions but that one I'm not entirely sure is good because it just takes longer to access it where the original format is go to clan events and hit the search button
  17. Would you consider revamping the search function?